Fitness Friday How To Minimize Post Workout Pain


Nothing can dampen your enthusiasm for working out faster than excessive pain in the days that follow. A deep but bearable burn in the muscles you've been using is to be expected but srong pain that does not go away and gets in the way for your regular daily activity is NOT! Here are simple ways you can push hard during your workouts without suffering dire consequences: Hydrate, hydrate, … [Read more...]

Totally Turmeric – Health Benefits of This Wonderfood

"Totally Turmeric" on Health Perch … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday – Make It A Family Affair!


A fit family is a healthy family.... A healthy family is a happy family... And what better way to spend a sunny afternoon than engaged in a fit family activity! The possibilities are truly endless and every family can find something that suits them. But just in case you need a little help, here are some fun ways to turn a casual family outing into a fun workout the whole family will … [Read more...]

When All That Sustains Me Is Prayer


My world collapsed yesterday... The news I received so devastating I'm still struggling to process... A deep chill spread through my body that nothing can thaw... As hot tears ran freely down my tormented face, each breath a struggle, and darkness threatened to envelop me, I fell to my knees and cried out to my Lord... And when a semblance of peace finally stirred in the depth of … [Read more...]

Natural Allergy Relief You Can Count On

natural allergy relief title image

There was a time when I greeted this time of year with a mixture of delight and dread…  I love the change in season and spring is such a magical time with new life and fragrant blossoms all around! But for far too many years spring was a time of utter despair — eyes so swollen I felt they would rip any minute, sneeze attacks so violent I don’t know how I stayed standing, and the constant itch that … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday – The 30 Seconds Workout


Alright, now that I have your attention let's be real. As much as I'd love to give you a workout you could complete in 30 seconds that would you bring you the results you want, it's just not realistic. Sorry :-( But this is a super fun workout that will get you burning up some serious calories and will tone and strengthen your entire body. This workout earned it's name because you do each … [Read more...]

When God Comes Knocking – The DropBox Book Review

The DropBox Book cover on nightstand

I received "The Dropbox"  for review from All opinions are my own. One of my favorite ways to unwind after a busy day is by reading a really good book.  A book that draws me in and captivates more than my curiosity. Unlike my day time reading, which tends to be more research oriented, this type of reading is all about feeding my soul. One of the recent books to fulfill … [Read more...]

Spring Into Baking KitchenAid Artisan Mixer Giveaway!

Spring KitchenAid Mixer Giveaway title image

"Spring into Baking" KitchenAid 5qt Artisan Giveaway Organized by: My Dairy-Free Gluten-FreeLife Spring brings along a fresh burst of creative energy and what better way to express that creativity than by whipping up a few batches of scrumptious home made goodies!  I love making light desserts this time of year but have have discovered a fun new way to use my mixer -- making batches of all … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday – No Excuses Daily Workout Plan

No excuses daily workout plan, square title image

"I just don't have time!" is something I hear daily when it comes to working out. Well today I am going to challenge that and show you that you can make time for working out every day without making big changes to your schedule! Don't believe me? Read on! One of the main reasons we think we don't have time is because we've been taught that we need to set aside forty five minutes to an … [Read more...]

Touched by a Miracle

Angela Alexander with Valerie Remy-Milora and her youngest daughter

It never ceases to amaze how God orchestrates events in our lives and the people we meet to be just what we need at just the right time... These past few months have been the most challenging months of my life and extremely trying for our family. I've been shaken to the core, have cried oceans of tears, and found myself more than once asking "How could this be?" Time and again I've … [Read more...]