Fitness Friday – No Excuses Daily Workout Plan

No excuses daily workout plan, square title image

"I just don't have time!" is something I hear daily when it comes to working out. Well today I am going to challenge that and show you that you can make time for working out every day without making big changes to your schedule! Don't believe me? Read on! One of the main reasons we think we don't have time is because we've been taught that we need to set aside forty five minutes to an … [Read more...]

Touched by a Miracle

Angela Alexander with Valerie Remy-Milora and her youngest daughter

It never ceases to amaze how God orchestrates events in our lives and the people we meet to be just what we need at just the right time... These past few months have been the most challenging months of my life and extremely trying for our family. I've been shaken to the core, have cried oceans of tears, and found myself more than once asking "How could this be?" Time and again I've … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday – 7 Moves for Killer Abs


  With summer just around the corner I have been getting a lot of requests for a fun and effective abs exercises. These following 7 moves are some of my favorites. They are simple but a little intense and require no specialized equipment.. Just a little motivation and dedication. You can create your own custom workout with these using one of the following methods: BURST workout … [Read more...]

Essential Oils, Do They Really Work?


There's a lot of excitement around essential oils these days and with excitement comes a lot of questions. Lately, the question I hear more often than not is "Do essential oils really work?" People who know me well and know that I have been using essential oils for years would probably expect me to answer this simple question with a resounding "YES!!!" but I tend to answer with a more … [Read more...]

Laugh for Better Health and a Chance to Win A GoPro HERO3 #LaughOutLoudWDY!

girl laughing on swing

When was the last time you had a really good laugh? The kind that makes your belly ache and brings tears to your eyes... The kind that leaves you smiling and serene for days on end... The kind that makes you realize that nothing is more important than the moment at hand... Ah, those are the best kind of laughs aren't they? It's amazing how a good laugh can truly melt all our … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday – Strength Training Basics for Women


Strength training is by far the most effective way to supercharge your weight loss and maximize the returns of those many hours spent on your fitness program. I loved your enthusiastic response to my post last week where I share why I believe every woman should incorporate strength training in her workout routine and am excited about the number of you who are ready to commit to strength … [Read more...]

Natural Pain Relief for Sprains with Essential Oils

Natural Pain Relief for Sprains title image

It was bound to happen sooner or later.... Again! As I was twisting and turning on silks, learning new gravity defying tricks, I sprained my ankle. That rush of excruciating pain that makes your stomach turn told me instantly I'd be grounded for quite some time. Sprains are painful, very painful. And they need a lot of time to fully heal. One thing I have learned after far too many … [Read more...]

The Dusty Puppy Will Melt Your Little One’s Heart

Little Girl with the Dusty Puppy

Bedtime reading is a privileged time for Sabrina. Now that she is comfortable reading all sorts of books including a handful of chapter books, she really looks forward to cuddling up under the blankets with a good book. Some books come out night after night... just like this new favorite of hers, "The Dusty Puppy" by Vanessa MacAdams. The Dusty Puppy is a sweet story about a curious … [Read more...]

Making Magic with Sophie Tapie

Sabrina with Sophie Tapie

Yesterday was a bit of a magical day for my little Sabrina... She spent the afternoon on set with French country singer Sophie Tapie filming the video for her first French single "Des Milliards de Petits Corps". When Sabrina was cast for the project I did not know much about this beautiful young French singer other than she had been a contestant on "The Voice" French edition, in … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday – 5 Reasons Women Should Strength Train

5 Reasons women should strength train square title image

"Nice guns lady!" Living in LA where we enjoy hot weather most of the year I get comments like this quite frequently, and always from men. Truth be told there was time I wasn't so sure I liked the attention on my biceps. I felt a little embarrassed and longed for more slender arms.  Those days are long gone though and that type of comment now makes me smile. I am proud of my strength and … [Read more...]