Transform Chaos into a Blissful Heaven

“Transform Chaos, Confusion and Clutter into a Blissful Heaven in 4 Short Weeks”

Is this your reality?

Between shopping, cooking, cleaning, picking the kids up from school, getting them to
practice, play dates – YOUR JOB – you have zero time for anything… least of all – you.

Sound familiar?

Your life is piling up all around you with no end in sight… in fact it’s growing faster!

You practically need a steam shovel to dig your way out of this mess.

Even worse…

This giant mess – that keeps growing before your very eyes – getting bigger and bigger
every single day, causes you untold, immeasurable STRESS… and even worse…

Imagine what you are missing in your children’s lives as you try to cope with this never
ending sea of chaos.

… and it’s starting to affect every part of your life from your relationships to your sanity…

Is every morning frantic? Can you get out of the door on time with everything that
everyone needs? Are you always out of bread, milk or other necessities? Has the power
been turned off because you couldn’t find the bill?

It’s such a losing battle – OR IS IT?


The first thing you have to realize is – it’s not your fault. This is 21st Century LIFE in our
day and age. Too many distractions, too much to do – TOO MUCH everything!

But there is a way out…

Yes, there is someone who can part the ‘Sea Of Chaos’ for you and lead you out of this
abyss that has overtaken your life – her name Julie Muller and she’s helped Moms, just
like you, reclaim their lives and she is going to help you too.

Are you finally ready to get organized?

  • Do you have the same organizing projects on your TO DO list everyday?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed with the projects that need to be organized?
  • Do you buy multiple organizing products with the hope that your space will magically get organized on it’s own?

Julie Muller has helped numerous clients who have these same issues.  Now is the time to join ORGANIZING ACCOUNTABILITY to learn how to conquer the chaos, and create order and balance in your life, home and business.

“Julie has been a Godsend!”

 I am so blessed to be able to go through this life-changing process with someone I trust and like.  Thanks for your patience and for guiding me through this exploration without judgment!  I also appreciate the solutions you have helped me create through practical tools that I have been able to apply to my everyday life immediately.  I can’t wait to continue on this adventure with you and to celebrate even more successes!!!

Larissa Traquair

Don’t Waste Another Minute!

Time is too precious to waste searching for things you need.  In four short weeks Julie Muller with her Peace of Mind system will totally transform your mess into a blissful organized heaven.  Here’s what you will get with ORGANIZING ACCOUNTABILITY:

  • 15 minute individual coaching call with Julie Muller to identify and map out your Organizing Project’s Goals
  • 4 Group Coaching Calls (60 minutes each, 1 per week) packed with organizing content and accountability check-in — calls will be recorded
  • Organizing Accountability Alumni Support Group on Facebook for Members Only
  • Accountability Partner
  • Templates, Systems and Recorded calls for you to refer to after the 4 week coaching program

“You’ve Given Me My Life Back!”

Thanks so much for your help!  I continue to be amazed as I walk in and out of a closet that I have been afraid of.  We haven’t been able to actually walk into that closet for at least a year.  Countless hours have been lost searching the closet for missing items in the large walk in closet/dumping ground.  I can’t believe how quickly you and your team were able to get it cleaned out and put in order.  I think time elapsed photography is necessary to prove to others how quickly you worked!  Now the closet (as well as several others and my office) are a picture of organization and I found several things that have been missing for years!  Thank you again – I will be having my 6 month tune-up shortly to keep me on course.

Shannon Bassett
Home Fridays

Register Today, Rest Easy Tomorrow

If you are tired of the piles of paper, toys, accessories taking over your office or home, now is the time to claim your space back and regain your sanity. Don’t let clutter steal another precious minute from you.

We Absolutely Guarantee Our Product

Organizing Accountability Coaching program is Guaranteed to conquer your organizing challenge or we’ll gladly refund your money.  Commitment to the training system and action on your part is required.

Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.  Eliminate the clutter once and for all and let your home or office be a source of joy and inspiration.

“Don’t Put it Off Another Minute”