30 Day Plank Challenge Day 5 – Side Plank Dips


How are those abs feeling?

Nice and tight?

On Day 5 of our 30 day challenge we focus on obliques with our Side Plank Dips.  Give it all you’ve got it’s only 5 minutes.

As always good form is essential so keep that core engaged throughout the exercise.  Pace yourself in a way that pushes you without knocking you off balance.  You should get a little cardio out of this one as well 🙂

Side Plank Dips

Side Plank Dips


Start in a side plank either on your elbow or with your base arm extended. Free arm can be on your hip or for a greater challenge straight up in the air, perpendicular to your body.

Place feet one behind the other if you are a beginner, one on top of the other if you are more advanced.

Engage core (draw your abs into your spine)  – keeping glutes, hamstrings and quads tight, lower your hips until they almost touch the floor then raise back to starting position.

Repeat for the amount of time in your set — 20 seconds today 🙂

Alternate sides between sets.

About Valerie 

Valerie Remy-Milora is the mother of 3 amazing girls, an author, public speaker, coach and founder of Scrumptious Moms. She is passionate about empowering moms to embrace self care and live a vibrant, joyful life with their loved ones. A health and fitness nut, she is an advocate for chemical-free living, real food and GMO labeling. She believes in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

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  1. Regular planks are evil, but these side plank dips sound even more difficult! I am sure they will help get nice results though. I have been looking for some kind of challenge to do along with my exercise. Pushing myself to try different things keeps being active fun — I am going to refer back to your other challenge posts too.

    • The dips are evil too Kecia but oh so fabulous! Great for those obliques that give us nice definition. I love that you are wanting to challenge yourself. That is a winner’s mindset in my opinion. Enjoy the challenge and the other workouts I share. Keep me posted on your progress! I would LOVE to celebrate your success!!!


  1. […] We’ll be back tomorrow with some side plank dips. […]

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