Book Review – The Teachable Minute, by Dr. Connie Hebert

One of the things I absolutely cherish about my children is their curiosity.

As exhausting as it may be at times, the incessant questioning is something I truly relish.

It gives me a privileged look into their minds.  The opportunity to see the world through their eyes and discover it with them all over again.

I love to see those little wheels turn, and the joy that spreads across their entire face and lights up their eyes when they have figured something out.

That’s why I love Dr. Connie Hebert’s New book The Teachable Minute: The Secret to Raising Smart & Appreciative Kids

Book-Cover-TheTeachable-Minute-Rendered-M “The Teachable Minute” is a treasure chest of little moments in time shared with your children in a special way.

This book is simple yet profound as it turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Casual moments become moments of real connection between parent and child. Rather than merely cruise through the day, engaging in casual conversation, these little moments become an opportunity to bond, share, discover, love.

I have found the ideas in Dr. Hebert’s book to be as valuable, if not more, with my 16 year old as they are with my 6 year old.  It opens up a new form of dialogue, one that isn’t about teaching  but about sharing. In the fast paced world that we live in today, where our children are bombarded with distractions at every corner, engaging in meaningful dialogue is a real git.  I want my girls to keep questioning, to research and remain forever curious and excited about learning.  That love of learning is what makes life so fun!

“The Teachable Minute” is a special gift for parent and child alike, and I strongly recommend it to any parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle,  or caregiver who wants to enjoy the magical journey of discovery with the children in their lives.

You can download a free chapter of “The Teachable Minute”

And if you’re ready to stroke the fire of learning in your child you can order  “The Teachable Minute” here.

You may want to order more than one… keep one at home, in the car, in your purse…

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  1. I am so honored to have Valerie’s endorsement and support for my new book, The Teachable Minute: The Secret to Raising Smart & Appreciative Kids. She and I share similar views on what needs to happen for kids as they grow to be smart and appreciative! Thank you, Valerie…I’m looking forward to helping you Rock the School Year at your awesome telesummit…let’s rock those teachable minutes all over the planet!!

    Keep up the great work…you are helping many. Rock on!

    Dr. Connie


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