“Life Inside Out” – What Happens When You Follow Your Dreams!

As the credits began to roll, thunderous applause exploded and we all rose to our feet…

We had all witnessed the birth of a beautiful dream…

And experienced a magical journey…

We had all been a part of “Life Inside Out”.


When my friend Maggie Baird (October 2013 Scrumptious Mom)  told me that she was following her heart and making a movie, I was proud of her and excited for her, and happy to support her in any way I could.  She presented this project to me as a labor of love…  Something she had wanted to do for quite some time but for one reason or another never had.  Until now!  And whatever the outcome, she had to do it.

Imagine my delight when I discovered that “Life Inside Out” is the story of a mom who decided to follow her dream after having pushed it aside for years while raising her three children!  “Follow your dreams”  is at the core of my message to moms and here is a beautiful example of the magic that happens when you do just that!

What’s the film about?  New York Times contributor Victoria Dale presents it beautifully in her review:

“The film tells the story of a woman who rediscovers her long-buried love for songwriting while finding a way to connect with her teenage son. Maggie Baird plays songwriter Laura, and Finneas O’Connell her troubled son Shane. Neither one of them quite fits into their testosterone-driven household, where Laura’s husband insists on discussing and doing manly things with her other two sons, while Shane broods and writes worrisome notes in his journal. When she drags him to an open mic night to hear her play, he is grateful just not to have to go camping with his brothers. 

The film lingers affectionately over scenes of songwriting and the brave souls who swallow back the butterflies to go onstage well before they feel they’re really ready.”

(read the full review here)

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the film is the original soundtrack.  The film centers around the  “open mic” music culture of Los Angeles. and along with original songs from Maggie and her son Finneas, “Life Inside Out” features wonderful performances by talented artists such as Yogi Lonich, Emma Bell and Xenia.


I have been an editor for close to 25 years and have worked with award winning directors such as George Hinckenlooper and comedy icon Eric Idle, as well as first timers who are learning as they go. I’ve worked on projects that practically edit themselves they are so well shot and planned out, and pulled my hair trying to make magic happen out of thin air.

So I am a pretty tough critic when it comes to movies.  In order to get my vote, a film has to draw me in completely and allow me to forget about all the technical stuff.  When I’m not paying attention to the acting, the cinematography, or worse, the editing, then I can give the film my stamp of approval.

And I was blown away by “Life Inside Out”!  Really I enjoyed the movie thoroughly.  It was a breath of fresh air and “real”, not lost in pretense or self satisfaction.  A movie that I can truly enjoy sharing with my girls and fellow moms.

“Life Inside Out” illustrates perfectly the magic that happens when a mom has the courage to listen to her heart, step out in faith and live out her dream. Her life and that of her family is changed forever…

This is of course much more than the story within the film. It is Maggie’s story and that of her wonderful collaborators, Lori Nasso, Jill d’Agnenica and Tessa Bell.

So if you’re looking for wholesome, inspirational family entertainment then keep your eyes peeled for “Life Inside Out”.  You won’t be able to see it in theaters everywhere just yet, but if  you can I encourage you to catch it at an upcoming Film Festival coming your way.


Tucson, Arizona — April 11-27
“Life Inside Out”  —  Saturday April 12 @ 2PM
Ticket details here: http://www.filmfestivalarizona.com/


Dubuque,Iowa — Apri; 23-27
“Life Inside Out” Screening: TBA
Ticket details: http://julienfilmfest.com/index.html


Dubuque,Iowa — April 30 – May 04
“Life Inside Out” Screening: TBA
Ticket details http://blackhillsfilmfestival.org/

For a complete list of Festivals contact lifeinsideoutthemovie@gmail.com

What about you? Do you have a dream that you have been holding on to for too long?  Or have you also stepped out in faith and showed your loved ones the power of being true to your heart?  Please share your story so that we may celebrate with you!


  1. Hi Valerie. I can certainly relate to following your dreams. Frankly I would not have a clue what else to follow !

  2. I think that you and my husband could have some good conversations about B movies. =) It’s very clear that you are passionate about film. =)

  3. This sounds like a fantastic and touching story of the dynamics that exist within a family.

  4. Just the title ‘Life inside Out” has me interested 🙂 I can relate to the premise, following your dreams – don’t we all try to, but not all of us have the courage to follow through 🙂 My only regret is not starting sooner!

    • I hear you Sandy, I often wish I had started sooner as well, but think of it that way: You’re doing it NOW! Too many people give up because they feel it’s too late, but you’re going for it. So Kudos to you and best of luck 🙂

  5. Hello Valerie,
    The theme sounds great! Nothing can be more satisfying than doing what we really want to do! we should encourage people around us to chase their dreams!
    I wish Maggie all the very best for this project!

    • Love your mindset Tuhin! Yes we should encourage everyone around us, starting with our children, family and friends,to just GO FOR IT!!! The best way I know is do to that myself and celebrate others who are following their dreams. Best of luck to you 🙂

  6. Valerie, thank you so much for sharing the story of our movie with your readers. When I read the screenplay for Life Inside Out for the first time I, too, was struck by it’s affirmation of pursuing one’s creative passions in the midst of everyday life. It’s a self-serving narrative for me–I’m gambling on it every day in my own life as I try to balance making my art, making money and raising my family. (I have an entire body of photographic and video work titled “Bad Mother” which basically documents the shenanigans my kids get into while I am ignoring them so I can get something else done.) But I can’t imagine doing my life any other way. I’m now so blessed to be able to share LIO with festival audiences. I sit in the theaters watching them enjoying our movie and think, how did I get so lucky? Thanks again for the lovely post. Jill D’Agnenica, director Life Inside Out.

    • Jill I do not think there is any other way to live our lives than by following our passion! It’s what gives everything we do the flavor. It does not mean it’s easy but when we step out in faith and overcome obstacles as they come across our paths, there really is no great victory! How fabulous that you get to sit in the audience and watch people moved by your creation! It is a fabulous movie that all moms should share with their loved ones. I would LOVE to see your “Bad Mother” collection! I’m sure it’s filled with magic and priceless life lessons. 🙂 Keep doing what you love and keep making the world a little brighter each day 🙂

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