Scrumptious Mom Alecia Spendlove – November 2012

Alecia Spendlove is the  busy mom of two beautiful children, a former model, and the creator of Alexandra Rain, S.M.E. (Super Model Extraordinaire), an interactive children’s storybook app.

Her husband, Randy is the President of Motion Picture Music at Paramount Pictures.  The couple has a busy lifestyle with all the commitments of the entertainment industry. Alecia supports her husband fully and attends a lot of events with him.  But if her presence isn’t necessary,  she prefers to stay home for a “quiet” evening with the with the kids.

Indeed, for Alecia, children come first. When she picks Alex and Brandon  from school, she goes into “mom mode”.  Emails and internet surfing can wait until the next day. It is time to unplug and be fully present with her children.

Like most moms, her usual evening ritual is cooking dinner, doing homework, bath, then bedtime. And, like most of us, at the end of the day, she is ready to hit the pillow and let sleep engulf her! But she goes to bed with a smile knowing that she wouldn’t trade her busy life for anything in the world!

Raised in Mt. Juliet,Tennessee, Alecia began modeling at the age of 16. Modeling gave her the opportunity to go beyond her small town and travel the world.  She treasured the ability to express her creativity in a variety of ways and mostly the freedom to work on her own terms. In a business than can be ruthless and taxing on one’s self confidence, Alecia remained humble and grounded, in large part thanks to her mom and her caring upbringing.

One of the most valuable lessons that Alecia has learned is to have faith that what needs to happen will.

“I’ve learned to let go and just be. I always try my best and trust that life will work out the way it is suppose to for me”.

Alecia’s biggest adventure yet is the creation of an interactive children’s app, centered around a character named Alexandra Rain – Super Model Extraordinaire. The term ‘super model’ is not used in the traditional sense in her story. In the world of Alexandra Rain, like many young girls, playing dress up is par for the course. However, what Alex does best is model the kindness in her heart.

“My inspiration for creating this fictional world came from my own personal experiences with modeling over the last twenty years combined with the birth of my two children, Brandon and Alex. It became apparent to me that my job as a model had evolved into that of a Role Model. Believe me –  I am far from perfect, but I wanted to come up with a creative way to teach my kids to make good choices and learn to be leaders.”

In her stories, the term “model” is a double-entendre, meaning it is understood in two different ways.  The heroine, 8 year old Alexandra Rain is a fashionista who likes to model clothes and jewelry, but most of all wants to model kindness to others.

Alecia was introduced to Nick Bonomo of Siena Entertainment who develops  interactive children’s book apps a couple of years ago.  What started as a dream fro Alecia became a reality as she co-authored with Nick the first Alexandra Rain story, “Friends to the Rescue”. It is about standing up for yourself and learning to model “Courage”!

The app will be available for the iPhone and iPad on November 14, 2012 in the app store.  It combines  a valuable lesson with all sorts of fun activities for little girls to enjoy. In each of the stories, children learn to model kind virtues, such as love, peace, and hope. This is the heart of this beautiful project for Alecia and what she is most proud of.

“I believe the best reflection of one’s true beauty is expressed by the behavior we model towards others. Compassion and love are life’s most beautiful accessories!”

Alecia was so inspired by the character she created, and bringing her to life through the app that she began writing songs to go along with the message of Alexandra Rain, Super Model Extraordinaire. Her husband, Randy, who is a Grammy award winning producer recorded the first two songs: “You Can Model Love” and “Super Model Extraordinaire”.

“We had such a great time working together. It’s been like “marriage therapy” and a great family project with the kids.

The experience was so rewarding that she decided to produce a music video for “You Can Model Love”.
She reached out to  some of her mommy friends and rallied thirty little girls to participate in the music video. Talk about a dream come true for these little princesses!  The video was directed by Alecia’s friend,  famed photographer, Brian Bowen-Smith.

He did such an amazing job and made the girls feel like it was a giant play date. They had a blast!


Through the creation of this beautiful project Alecia has had the opportunity to model what is most important to her in regards to her own children:  DREAM BIG!  The journey that began when she was only 16 and has taken her around the world continues in this amazing legacy.  Her message is simple: whatever your dream, no matter how old you are, you CAN make it happen!  Believe and surround yourself with people who will lift you up and support you in whatever you do.

With the launch of her new app, Alecia’s life is filled to the brim, but she still makes time for the gym 3 to 4 times a week.  She enjoys yoga and hiking, and lately has taken to a particularly sweet form of torture: spinning!  She loves the cool beats and her fabulous instructor.

As for keeping her sanity:

“My only indulgence these days is to sit in my car before picking up the kids and have a moment of silence to be thankful for all that I have in my life. I have healthy kids, a wonderful husband, and I have a lot of girlfriends to rely on if I feel down.”

What does Alecia say about living the Scrumptious Life?

“I think the scrumptious life is to sit back and be anonymous. I like to do acts of kindness for others when no one is watching.”

Alecia’s Scrumptious tip:

“My only tip for other mommies is to take a break from our usual routine. Forget the “to do” list and go see a movie, ride bikes at the beach, or have tea with a friend.

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