Scrumptious Mom Lidija Maric Fairbanks – May 2013

21784_274106599387383_463676164_nOne of the things I love about our May Scrumptious Mom, Lidija Maric Fairbanks, is her perpetual enthusiasm.

As you’ll see from her story, life was not always easy for this 40 year old mother of two wonderful teenage boys, yet she is not one to dwell on illness or obstacles that come her way.  She lives in the moment,  grateful for her blessings and always looking to make things better for herself and those around her.

When I approached Lidija about being our featured mom she responded simply:

“It is such a privilege to be one of your featured “Scrumptious Moms”!”

That is just how Lidija looks at life:  a privilege and a blessing.

Lidija was born in Sremska Mitrovica,Vojvodina, a Northern province of Yugoslavia, in one of the oldest European towns that stretches over the remains of the antique Sirmium, one of the four capitals of the Roman Empire.  Her family later moved to the capitol city of Belgrade, where she grew up and went to school. Lidija’s family was very artistic.  She spent her days in museums, galleries, and concert halls learning to appreciate the wonderful world of art.

“My childhood was affected by the communistic and socialistic regimes. Art was my escape into a more wonderful and friendly world. I took many art classes like painting and ceramic sculpture. I received a diploma in fashion leather design,and interior design”.

Lidija’s passion for art is closely rivaled by her love for living an abundant and  healthy life.  She is currently attending the Institute for Integrated Nutrition.

Lidija met her husband, Adam, an American, in England. They fell in love and were married in Germany. Theirs was quite an unusual love story…    They  have been happily married for 16 years now.  Eager to discover new horizons, Lidija followed her husband to his home in the United States.

“After arriving in America and starting a young family, like many other moms, I became weak, overweight and exhausted. I developed liver damage and lost my gall bladder. With 2 young children and my declining health I knew I needed to do something about it. I prayed and asked for guidance. Then I heard about juicing and remembered my dad’s teachings since he was into eating healthy food himself.

I started juicing and doing juice fasts, but still continued eating an American diet. Still slightly overweight, I suffered from fatigue, allergies and a worsening liver condition, even though I didn’t drink alcohol, coffee, or sodas and I didn’t smoke.

After learning about superfoods and mostly a RAW food diet, I embraced a new way of life. After 3 years on a new health program, which I prepared for myself, I lost 40 pounds and my overall health improved. Now at age 40 I look and feel young and vibrant, loving my life again!”


What is the Scrumptious Life for Lidija?

“The scrumptious life is living in the present and being aware of self. It’s pretty sad that most of our time we let our subconscious run our life from old, outdated patterns and experiences. For me the scrumptious life is like art, it is finding beauty in everything.  I’m creating art when I’m cooking, making my healthy smoothies and juices, decorating my house, applying makeup in the morning, painting, and when I’m making dolls and jewelry. When art becomes a part of your soul, your life becomes enriched and magical.” 

198764_10151495537108300_2117342788_nLidija currently works from home.  She recently brought together her passion for health and her love of beauty, and launched her new company “Tribe for Beauty”.  This is her new adventure, and her hope is to bring awareness about the importance of personal health and food, especially to women.

“I am so excited to share years of research and trials with others who unnecessarily suffer from improper food combinations and other unhealthy habits that are easy to reverse. I have developed special techniques for staying young and healthy that combine food, mind and spirit.”

To Lidija, life is a an amazing adventure that takes us in many directions, some more pleasant than others, but always filled with excitement and new discoveries.  Every turn in the road leads to  self-discovery and growth.

I like to think of myself as a miracle baby, who survived some strange odds. My love and appreciation for my mom is very deep and even though we live on different continents we talk almost every day. I have great love for all moms on this planet. We are the ones who will be teaching our kids and before we can teach something we need to know it first. I have this hunger for information and I spend a ton of time collecting and pondering it. To be alive means much more than just to exist! We can heal our bodies and feel the same as we did when we were young.

Imagine if we all were examples to our kids how to eat healthy and live emotionally and spiritually balanced lives. If we learned how to connect emotionally to our kids and how to bring out the best in them. We would have the next generations of kids like never before. The Earth would be transformed into a loving and beautiful place. I can see this happening. I see the real change everywhere around me and I am very grateful to live in these days.


What makes Lidija a Scrumptious Mom?

“I believe that what makes someone scrumptious is self esteem, which comes from a deep connection and love for themselves. As mothers, we sometimes forget to take care of our own needs. It’s very easy to do that. My friend J’Anna and I started these ‘Lunch and Learns’ in our area for women to come, share a meal and listen to presentations and classes on different subjects every month. It’s our time, without kids and with lots of laughter and love. It has been a very successful and uplifting experience for all.

I also had to learn to balance my time and I would try to fuse different needs into something simple. What I mean by that is instead of going to a gym every day I exercise with my kids. We bike, dance, swim, and play basketball in front of the house etc. We find something we will all enjoy and do it together. There is no gym that can replace trying to keep up with my teenage boys! They really push me but I feel like I will never have this time with them again and I want to cherish every moment. My kids and I are very close and we spend a ton of time together.”


“I haven’t watched TV for the last 10 years and that gives me so much “Me” time. I read hundreds of very practical books and try to apply them in my life. One more pampering ritual I like to do is at least once a year take a vacation with a girlfriend and visit some amazing hot springs where we heal and do fun things like body mud wrapping, sulfur caves etc. Daily I take time in the evening when my kids go to bed to do some affirmation work, meditation and writing in my journal.”

Lidija’s advice to other Scrumptious Moms:

Look yourself in the mirror daily and instead finding faults find the things you like. Try it! Our body is made of millions of cells, it’s a very complex community living on the inside.

Be loving to each cell in your body, give yourself a hug, say a nice word, just like you would to a very dear friend. Then sit back, and watch miracles happen! Body healing, sculpting and becoming a beautiful, healthy place for your soul. This will lead to your mind embracing the miracle of life, realizing the purpose and your life’s mission. You will see circumstances changing and wonderful new people coming to share new experiences with you. I want to invite women to start loving themselves just the way they are. We often think if we could only be thinner, or have this or that then we would love and accept ourselves. But that is the exact opposite of how things work. Once we start loving even those imperfect parts of ours, we change. We become more than we were. Fear just attracts more fear and bad things into our life. Love and acceptance turns our lives into scrumptious lives!


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About Valerie 

Valerie Remy-Milora is the mother of 3 amazing girls, an author, public speaker, coach and founder of Scrumptious Moms. She is passionate about empowering moms to embrace self care and live a vibrant, joyful life with their loved ones. A health and fitness nut, she is an advocate for chemical-free living, real food and GMO labeling. She believes in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.


  1. BRAVO Lidia, we wish you a lot of success at your job, and many many people who will follow your example!!!

  2. I love this article! How inspiring!

  3. SUCH an inspiration!

  4. Love this article. I knew Lydia when she was working through the unhealthy stage and know what it has taken for her to get where she is. I am so inspired by her. She is a very strong, vibrant, and courageous woman and am so happy there are many that can know her story and let her help. Wonderful article! Thank you

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