Scrumptious Mom Lisa Cash Hanson – December 2012

This month’s Scrumptious Mom, Lisa Cash Hanson, is a phenomenal woman and a kindred spirit.  I met Lisa just a few months ago but she already holds a special place in my life.

At forty something, Lisa is a first time mom to a delightful, yet very busy 19 month old, Matilda.  She lives in the neon city of Las Vegas with her hubby and daughter, their English Bulldog Harley and her Pit Bull Hank.

Lisa has been a professional singer most of her life and has had the privilege of touring all over the world.  She has performed with Larry The Cable Guy, Chuck Schwab, Wynonna Judd and many others.

Lisa is a firecracker, with tremendous passion and drive.  She’s always been an entrepreneur and after the birth of her daughter Matilda, decided to transition into business coaching and mentoring.  Lisa loves to help other women follow their heart and find ways to support their families while fulfilling their dreams.  Nothing brings her more joy than to hear the success story of one of her students.  She is the founder of Mompreneur Mogul, a blog filled with inspiration, business, blogging and social media tips, an author, coach and baby product creator!

Inspired by her little girl, Lisa designed the SnuggWugg®  for which she won a $15,000 Huggies Mom Inspired Grant.  She is now busy manufacturing and marketing her new product.

Lisa’s days are filled to the brim with calls, meetings and research.  She devotes much of her day to the women in Blogs To Riches Club,  and the members of her  mastermind group on  And as we all know, toddlers who are discovering the world around them can be quite demanding!  Yet Lisa still makes time for volunteer work, something that feeds her soul.  Most of her volunteer work is done through her church where she sings with the praise team and choir,  and works with the youth and the children’s ministry.  Before becoming a mom Lisa was active with the prison and homeless ministry as well.

Lisa knows first hand that passion and perseverance can lead to beautiful rewards. She was featured on Yahoo! this past year, which was an amazing experience.  But being in the public eye can bring out the worst in some… Lisa was not prepared for this ugly side of success but, as she always does, she turned this experience into an invaluable lesson:

Don’t be afraid of what people think or that they may not like you. Some won’t. It’s just part of life. Instead know your true value and don’t allow any negative outsiders to get in your mind because that will go to your heart. The only way you can truly be hindered in this life is by what you believe in your own heart. So guard it with everything you can. Also if you have a dream don’t share it with everyone. Not everyone will get it. Your dreams were not given to them they were given to you. Take it one step at a time and before long you’ll be holding your dream in your hand and it will be a reality.

That is one of the things I cherish the most about this special lady, she is honest and makes no apologies for who she is.  She is bold and follows her heart, no matter what the stumbling blocks.

Though she may be living a bit of a fairy tale today, Lisa has seen her fair share of challenges.  She grew up with a drunk and abusive father, who let her know just before he died that he was not her real father.  She then found out that her “real” dad wanted nothing to do with her either.  Lisa found solace in her faith.  As a Christian, she realized that her identity is not tied to any human being, but rather to Christ.

He tells me I’m fearfully and wonderfully made and I believe Him… my future is so bright and I rarely look back on bad times I just press on.

This firm belief has given Lisa the strength to press on and to heal the deep wounds of rejection and abuse.  She has chosen to seek beauty and love in everything that she does and to share those with the people in her life.  She has truly chosen the Scrumptious Life…!

 What is the Scrumptious Life for Lisa?

A life surrounded by the people you love the most, filled with laughter, where your body is healed, your pockets are overflowing, and you are able to help whoever you want whenever you want!

Lisa’s Scrumptious Tip:

It’s great to have blogs and businesses and products. We live in an amazing time where we can truly have it all. But sometimes our drive gets so strong that we think, “ I’m living my dream so what if I don’t spend that much time with you ( to our husbands) or they’ll be fine ( to our kids). I’d like to share a word of encouragement that I also use on myself. When life is over you will not give a bean flip about your blog or the last sale. You will be thinking of those you love and if you spent enough time with them. So make sure you do, so when that day comes you’ll go with a smile.

Lisa is a truly inspirational woman who wears her heart on her sleeve.  You can find out more about Lisa at or

And if you have ever dreamed of starting your own blog but don’t know where to begin, Lisa wonderful book

Get Famous, The Greatest Resource for Mom Bloggers on the Planet

Will take you step by step to help you turn your passion into profit!

About Valerie 

Valerie Remy-Milora is the mother of 3 amazing girls, an author, public speaker, coach and founder of Scrumptious Moms. She is passionate about empowering moms to embrace self care and live a vibrant, joyful life with their loved ones. A health and fitness nut, she is an advocate for chemical-free living, real food and GMO labeling. She believes in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.


  1. This is such a great site! Love that you celebrate scrumptious moms. Lisa has a great story and will be an inspiration too many! Now I will be coming back to read more inspiring stories like this one.

    • Thanks Kari Ann! It’s so nice to have you here! Lisa is such a spectacular woman and an inspiration to many of us. Celebrating moms is one of my favorite things to do!

  2. Love this site! I didn’t know about some of the discouraging things that has happened to Lisa, but I know they have helped make her into the wonderful woman she is today. She has inspired so many women, including me!

    • Thank you Myna! You are so right about the way that hardship can shape us into magnificent human beings. Those are the tests that build our character and make us strong. Lisa is such a giving and loving person and an inspiration for all of us! 🙂

  3. I am familiar with Lisa. She is quite the inspiration. Thanks for featuring her so others can learn about her as well. Happy New Year! Here from LinkedIn Nice to meet you!

  4. Thank you so much for such a kind post. Of course having amazing women like yourself and my other clients is what makes the difference when I coach. I just share the tools it’s you who does all the work. You are doing an amazing job and I am honored to know you.


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