Skiing Under the Full Moon!

It was an exquisite way to end our school vacation…

The snow was firm but not icy.

The temperature just cold enough to remind us it is winter.

The day absolutely glorious!


This past weekend Cris was working on ski patrol at Mountain High, a local ski area about an hour and half from the house, so the girls and I decided to tag along and enjoy a little time on the hill.

We skied past daylight into the night.

It was gorgeous!

As the sun set, the moon, bright and full emerged… And our little Sabrina just kept on going, the wind in her hair, a smile from ear to ear on her beautiful face, eyes twinkling as bright as the stars above.


This Christmas break was a quiet one for our family. Alexandra has been busy with college applications and we wanted to support her as best we could. So we stayed put and enjoyed a short outing here and there.

With most of her work behind her and a challenging semester ahead, this weekend escape was a real blessing.

I am so grateful that we live in Southern California where we enjoy sunshine filed days all year long, but I treasure these escapes to the mountains! It fills my cup and is such a fun way to stay fit as a family ūüôā

How did you wrap up your Christmas vacation?  Do you enjoy family ski days? 

About Valerie 

Valerie Remy-Milora is the mother of 3 amazing girls, an author, public speaker, coach and founder of Scrumptious Moms. She is passionate about empowering moms to embrace self care and live a vibrant, joyful life with their loved ones. A health and fitness nut, she is an advocate for chemical-free living, real food and GMO labeling. She believes in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.

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  1. i live in Northern Italy right near the Dolomite mountains and want to try skiing so bad! Looks & sounds like you had a nice outing.

  2. That sounds amazing! I’ve never been skiing but would love to try some day.

  3. It looks like fantastic weather for skiing! And that MOON! It sure was beautiful here, I can’t imagine how much better it looked while sitting in the ski lodge (or skiing).

  4. I have never been skiing before but one day I plan to try! Your pictures look fantastic!

  5. john hutchens says:

    I am looking forward to skiing this year. It is approaching quickly. My kids love to go skiing . We usually spend every weekend on the mountain skiing. It is great family fun.

    • I am so grateful that my parents took us skiing every winter when we were little John! It’s such a blessing! I can only imagine how awesome it must be living in Alaska and having easy access to pristine powder all winer long!

  6. alicia szemon says:

    that looks so fun! i have never been skiing before

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