KitchenAid Precision Press Coffee Maker Giveaway

It's morning and the tantalizing smell of coffee tickles your nostrils as you curl out of bed wondering what little elf came in at the wee hours of the morning to brew a pot of this golden brew before a single soul stirred in your home... You smile as you find your way to the kitchen realizing it's all probably a dream ... Giveaway Hosted By: My Dairy-Free Gluten-Free Life Dreams do come … [Read more...]

Sensational Keurig and Godiva Giveaway

Welcome to the Keurig Coffee Maker & ¬†Godiva Gift Basket Giveaway! Is there any pairing more heavenly than a bold, dark cup of coffee and sensational chocolates? There is something about that combination that is purely decadent yet the perfect way to wrap up lunch any day of the week. Because every Scrumptious Mom deserves a little indulging each and every day, we've joined forces with … [Read more...]

That’s It I Quit! Why I’ve Decided to Give Up Coffee.

I love coffee! I mean I really really LOVE coffee! Just a whiff and the enticing aroma wraps itself around my senses, begging me to indulge... And the darker the roast, the more intoxicating this whole indulgence becomes! I don't drink my coffee first thing in the morning but after lunch, when I can sit down and truly savor sip after delicious sip. I'll sit outside with a steaming … [Read more...]