Thanksgiving Blessings from Thailand

For the first time ever, I am celebrating Thanksgiving far from home and loved ones... I'm halfway around the world, on the beautiful island of Koh Lanta, where I arrived a few short days ago with my beautiful friend Jen Bricker. I've dreamed of coming to this part of the world since my parents shared photos of a trip to India, Nepal and Thailand with my siblings and I when I was younger. So … [Read more...]

When All That Sustains Me Is Prayer

My world collapsed yesterday... The news I received so devastating I'm still struggling to process... A deep chill spread through my body that nothing can thaw... As hot tears ran freely down my tormented face, each breath a struggle, and darkness threatened to envelop me, I fell to my knees and cried out to my Lord... And when a semblance of peace finally stirred in the depth of … [Read more...]