Some Goodbyes Are Harder Than Others

My house had been unusually quiet this past week. Two of my daughters are spending the summer in the South of France with my parents. My third daughter is busy writing a book and illustrating a children's story book for a client so she spends many hours quietly working in her room… I can't say I don't enjoy the focussed time I now have as this has been a particularly busy summer for me. I am … [Read more...]

Learning to Let Go

As I picked up the phone Tuesday afternoon, I heard the sweetest sound ever: the voice of my 6 year old Sabrina! She was safe and sound in the loving care of my parents, 6,000 miles away. A mere 18 hours earlier, I held back tears as I placed her in the care of a flight attendant and sent her off on her first trans-Altlantic flight as an unaccompanied minor. As she crossed security, she turned … [Read more...]

The Gift of Indepence

Last Friday was a big day for our family.  Our 15 year old Alexandra left for a three month visit to Rome. She'll be attending the "Institut Saint Dominique" a French/ International school and learning Italian while maintaining all of her regular classes. The family welcoming her lives in Naples so she will board at the school during the school week, and spend her weekends in Naples with the … [Read more...]