When Giving a Little Makes All the Difference in the World!

When I see or hear of a child suffering from cancer, my heart aches and it’s hard for me to stand idle and not do what I can to support the family in need.  For this reason I had to share the story below from my friend Virginia, a fellow blogger I love and follow, about Andrew Shaw who is battling leukemia.

Andrew and his brothere

Andrew and his brother. Photo from Shaw family.

I had my first real encounter with leukemia when I was in high school. One of my friend’s youngest sister  became ill with leukemia when she was 12. I saw how devastating this was on the whole family. She was the youngest of seven children and by God’s grace one of her sisters was a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant. The procedure was painful and though it was successful it took several years and several rounds of chemotherapy and other treatments before she was finally clear of the cancer.

I have since seen too many close friends battle cancer or care for a child ill with one form or another of this terrible disease.  The strength and faith of these families never ceases to amaze me. These families carry a heavy emotional and physical burden and all too often an enormous financial burden as well.  This is sadly the case for Andrew’s family who was recently denied coverage for his treatment.

Here is Andrew’s story in the words of Virginia:

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“Andrew Shah is a friend of my son’s. He is a 10 year old, wonderfully bright, little boy that has been battling Leukemia for several years now.

He has been receiving a cancer treatment, antibody therapy, to prevent infection because his immune system is severely compromised by the chemotherapy. The treatment was covered by his parents previous insurance company, but was recently denied by the current insurance carrier, and it’s treatment he’s already received. They’ve received a $21000 medical bill, and do not have the funds to pay it, nor the means to come up with the funds.

There is a GiveForward campaign to help raise the $21000 for the treatment he has received.

After I tweeted about the campaign, GiveForward reached out to me and agreed to work with me to help raise the funds. Give Forward has agreed to contribute $25 per blog, up to $1,000, to write about the fundraiser, what the Shah’s are going through, and talk about helping in times of need.

They’ve agreed to give an additional $200 if I can get 30 bloggers to post by the 24th of November.

Andrew’s Give Forward campaign is at:

You can learn more about Andrew’s journey on the Carrying the Shah’s Facebook Page at:

You can learn more, and report your links, at http://thatbaldchick.com/about-…/tbc-giveforward-for-andrew/

In the event that anyone would like to view my post, it is at:

swirl dividerIn this season of Thanksgiving one of the things I am eternally grateful for is the health of my family and it is with a heart filled with gratitude that I pledge my support to Andrew’s family and invite you to please join me. Your support no matter how great or small will bring peace and much to be thankful for to Andrew’s family.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making a donation to Andrew’s Give Forward campaign and sharing this post with your family and friends.  Imagine what a difference we can make for this beautiful family if we each give just $20!


Andrew;s Family


Have a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving!


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Valerie Remy-Milora is the mother of 3 amazing girls, an author, public speaker, coach and founder of Scrumptious Moms. She is passionate about empowering moms to embrace self care and live a vibrant, joyful life with their loved ones. A health and fitness nut, she is an advocate for chemical-free living, real food and GMO labeling. She believes in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.


  1. Very inspirational. Good luck on getting the bloggers you need for the extra money. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I just love that you’re doing this! Cancer is so heart breaking, I will see what I can do to join!

  3. These things make my heart ache. I hope Andrew wins his battle.

  4. I am pulling for Andrew, I hope you get the extra funds raised!

    • Me too Jesica. I pray for this family. They are going through so much but you know the amazing thing is they still find joy in every day! They don’t dwell on hardship. I find that so inspiring!

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