10 Ways To Relax During The Holiday Season

It’s here! The busiest time of year for moms everywhere…

And yes that means our stress levels tend to reach an all time high.

This time of year should be filled with joy and laughter… Love and peace … Serenity and magic…. Not insanity!


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Here are 10 ways to help you slow down a little and savor each precious moment that makes this season so magical, to breathe in the wonderful fragrances that abound and soak up the love that surrounds you.

Sip a hot cup of Tea

It’s amazing what 5 minutes of quiet, sipping a delicious cup of tea can do to quiet our minds and make us feel recharge. There are many wonderful herbal teas to choose from such as camille, lavender and verbena…  Or indulge in a of your favorite cup of green tea. Green tea is rich in L-Theanine, a chemical that has been shown to reduce anger and relieve stress. It also benefits your immune system, an added bonus this time of year.

Give in to the Munchies

Chewing on something crunchy is amazingly therapeutic! Choose a healthy snack such as organic celery stalks, or fresh sprouted mung beans… Apple slices, kale chips or a handful of nuts.  If you feel the urge to much but try hard to resist it you’ll only increase your stress level so go ahead and cave it, just be reasonable about it 😉

Drink your Greens

We all know that eating your daily servings of dark leafy greens is essential for good health but greens also contribute to reducing your stress level. I often juice greens later in the day to get ready for a good night’s sleep.  Chlorophyl rich greens keep your blood oxygenated, boost your immune system and promote relaxation. Try it, I think you might like it 🙂

Savor a piece of Dark Chocolate

Yes you read that right, dark chocolate is fabulous for reducing stress!  Among a plethora of healing properties, cacao helps to regulate cortisol, a powerful stress hormone and call your nerves.  Just remember one square is all you need. So go ahead, indulge, but take the time to truly savor one luscious piece of the darkest chocolate you can find.

Escape for a moment

I treasure my morning walk! It is my time to breathe in the beauty that surrounds me and fill my cup for the day. I take 20 minutes every morning with my dog to walk up into the hills behind my house. I love feeling my muscles awaken as I stride along, my mind becomes alert and takes in every small detail… The joyful chirping of birds, the soft sound of raindrops I try to time my walk to catch the sunrise.  It is such a magical time of day.

Walking is one of the most fantastic ways to disconnect and de-stress.  Whenever you feel overwhelmed, step outside and go for a brief walk around your neighborhood. Just 5 minutes will do wonders!


Take small breaks throughout the day to stop and BREATHE! Try lying on the floor on your back and placing your hand on your stomach. Close you eyes and take a deep breath allowing your stomach to rise.  Hold it for a second or two and exhale slowly and fully. You will feel your stress release from your body with your breath. Do this a few times and get back to whatever you are doing. You’ll be amazed how much lighter your mood will be.

Get a Shoulder Rub

Most of our stress finds it way into our shoulders, leading to annoying neck pain and headaches. Take a break and enlist your hubby, a girlfriend or even your child to give you a 5 minute shoulder rub. Allow yourself to completely let go and visualize your stress washing away as you feel the gentle kneading of your tense muscles.  Ahhhhh!

Close your Eyes

Whether your sitting at your desk or running around like crazy, take a 5 minute break and close your eyes.  This is a powerful way to block out all the distractions for a minute and regain your focus. Take a deep breath and feel the peace that fills you.

Indulge in a Few Bubbles

A glass of champagne would be fabulous but those aren’t the bubbles I had in mind…  Let your hubby or kids take care of the cooking and escape in a luxurious bubble bath for a few minutes.  Add some lavender salts and a few candles to set a relaxing mood and let your mind transport you to a far away place where you find nothing but peace.

Spend Time with God

This is my favorite way to disconnect from the craziness all around and get grounded. Pull out your bible or favorite devotional and allow yourself to get lost in God’s words for a minute. It’s a beautiful way to regain perspective and focus on our blessings during this special time of year.

What is your favorite way to relax this time of year?



  1. I love the spend time with God tip. It is the one thing that will always calm me.

    • Amen Holly! Me too! If somehow I don’t spend time with God in the morning, my day is off… My favorite time with Him is sharing bedtime prayers with my little one. Melts my heart and reminds me how simple things really are every time 🙂

  2. I LOVE your tips! If only I could do them all at once! My favorite is spending time with God. I find that when I’m not doing that, I get stressed way more often. It’s important! And a little cup of coffee in pure quiet doesn’t hurt either. 😉

    • Yay Amy! Yes spending time with God is the best way to ease away any and all tension.. It reminds us that we need not worry or sweat the little stuff but trust Him and enjoy the gift of the season 🙂

  3. Relaxing with a hot cup of tea is my favourite way to unwind. I should attempt to do it more often!

  4. Awesome tips! I definitely needed to read this today. I agree on BREATHING and sipping some nice, hot tea!!

  5. I could totally relax with a piece of dark chocolate! A good book (on my Kindle) under a blanket is a great way to unwind too.

  6. I make a wheat grass tea in the morning that I love. It’s so relaxing to start my day that way!

  7. I’m looking forward to trying some new salts this year. I’ll be drinking lots of tea too.

  8. These suggestions are right up my alley! I love tea, dark chocolate, and salads!

  9. I totally need this list. I don’t think I know how to relax at all. ever. I can use all the tips I can get!

  10. Girl, I have BEEN giving into the munchies and I don’t think my pants much appreciate it. 🙂 I also love to sit down and drink a hot beverage while the kids just do whatever. We’ve been reading Llama Llama Holiday Drama and trying to remind the kids and myself that the holidays are about getting love from the ones you care most about. That seems to help.

    • Ahem Summer what kind of munchies are we talking about here? I love what you are doing with the kids. It is so important, especially today with all the emphasis on getting, to remember that the most precious gift you can receive is the love of those around you and ultimately that is the best present you can give as well.

  11. Snacking on healthy treats is very important for me. I keep a bowl of pistachios near by so if I’m stressed, I can munch on something healthy. 🙂

  12. I agree the spend time with God is probably the best tip. I do love a cup of hot tea. I told myself to get everything done by December 1st to help with the stress and I did! All my neighbor gifts were delivered, friend gifts delivered and decor was all up by Dec. 1st I also already mailed out my Christmas cards. It has helped a ton and every evening I can sit down and watch a Christmas movie! I also like a nice soak in my jetted tub. 🙂

    • Wow Avry! You are superwoman! That sounds so fantastic! For me that means being able to really enjoy the season of advent, though I am not quite done with everything as you are but I’m ahead of the game enough to be able to enjoy this special time.

  13. Sipping a hot cup of tea is one of my favorite ways to relax. I like to mix up the herbal teas to tantalize my tastebuds. I also like to duck out and read for a bit. Getting to have tea and get lost in a good book is my idea of a vacation… on a budget!

  14. savor dark chocolate and breathe….I can do those! Thanks for the ideas. 🙂

  15. Dark chocolate has been my escape secret since I was pregnant and had a toddler running around. It’s a semi-healthy indulgence that does so much to boost my attitude!

  16. These are fantastic tips! I would move ‘spend time with God’ up to number one, but that’s just me.

  17. I think I have been doing the second one a little too often…lol Come New Year’s, I will have my work cut out for me.

  18. relaxing is so important. not just during the holidays but each day.

  19. This is so important, especially during the hustle and bustle of the season. Tempers flare and it’s too easy to get carried away in the stress of it all, rather than relaxing to enjoy the spirit of it all!

    • So true Audrey, and the complete opposite of what we are trying to accomplish. At the end of the day our kids won’t remember if everything was in it’s place but they will remember all the time they enjoyed with mommy laughing her heart out!

  20. Oh these are great tips, I definitely don’t relax often enough!

  21. Relax..during the holiday season? How do you do that…lol I really am going to try to incorporate some relaxation into the holidays this season.

    • I know it’s tough Raijean, but just look at it this way: if you don’t take any down time to just savor the moment what will you remember when the time has come and gone? Make memories, that’s the most important and it’s amazing how much more you accomplish when you treat yourself to a little time out here and there 🙂

  22. Stephanie Keeping says:

    I love bubble baths! I could use one now!

  23. Great tips! I will indulge in some dark chocolate if you insist!

  24. My favorite tips are the hot tea and chocolate. I have been allowing myself a square every now and then with my hot tea after the kids are down for the night. It’s heavenly.

  25. Savor a piece of dark chocolate is my favorite tip! But then one leads to two…. 🙂

  26. Great tips! Two of my favorite ways to relax this time of year are a peppermint mocah frappucino from Starbucks or laying in bed watching chessy Christmas movies!

  27. Great tips, for me the escape for a moment one works best. Now who will watch my kids while I escape LOL!

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