21 Day Cleanse Challenge – Starting Week 3 Feeling Strong!

Wow, it’s hard to believe I’m jumping in to the third week of my cleanse already!

This past week has been amazing. For the most part it’s been all about super clean eating.

I’ve been drinking my delicious green drink 15 minutes before every meal and enjoying delicious dishes made with lots of greens and other organic veggies and lean, organic meats or wild caught fish. Sounds fabulous right?

One of the things I’ve truly relished about this week is paying close attention to what goes into my body. Every ingredient was carefully chosen.  As I prepared my meals I thought about my ingredients, where they came from  and what they brought that was unique, be it in flavor, texture or nutritional content. It’s been fun and I’ve discovered new foods I’d always wanted to try but somehow had not.

I’ve taken the time to really savor my meals, enjoy the textures and flavors…

I’ve been able to eat most foods I love, with the exception of some of my favorites such as peppers.. I love a fabulous red pepper and black kale scramble for breakfast.. Peppers are in the night shade family of vegetables, along with eggplant and tomatoes, and not allowed during this challenge.

I’ve had fun coming up with new recipes that I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks.

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