30 Day Plank Challenge Day 19 – Side Planks Dips for Gorgeous Curves!


Get ready for that nice burn with today’s workout.

These plank dips are probably the most challenging variation on the plank that we have in our 30 day challenge and I know you are loving them!

Remember proper form is the most important so take your time and keep those abs, glutes, hams and quads nice and tights as you go through your sets on each side.

Tomorrow is a fun day as we get to mix it all up!


  1. I have heard that side planks are a great way to work on abs, but I always get weird muscle spasms in my legs whenever I try to attempt them. :/

  2. I love side planks!! I hate them when I do them but love them when I feel the burn afterwards 🙂

  3. I love planks (ab workouts in general)! I recently started doing planks and although I can’t hold one very long (I can hold for 60 seconds if all I do is one plank – LOL), I do like how they make me feel. I’m not up to holding 45 seconds x4, yet, but working on it!

    • Planks are awesome Donna and don’t you fret, if you work on them daily, you’ll be able to hold that 45 seconds 4 times in a row in no time at all… Persistence ins key as it is with all things! Best of luck 🙂

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