30 Day Plank Challenge Day 20 – Mixing it Up and Having Fun!


Woohoo! It’s my favorite day of the week!

Today you get to customize your workout however you please.

What will you start with?  A basic plank or those killer side plank dips?

I tend to go with the one I like the least first so I can get it out of the way and end on my favorite.

Do you have a favorite yet?

Tomorrow we take another day off so NO holding back! Give it your all and get plenty of rest tonight!


  1. I have to get back in shape so I’ll be trying these for sure.

  2. Is it too late to start? I’m not sure I could catch up in one day, but I need to do a little more each day.

    • It’s never too late to start Crystal! Just go back to day 1 and go from there at your own pace. And if you need a little encouragement and someone to share the fun with, let me know and I’ll be right there with you 🙂

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