A Blissful Day at Sea

There is something so magically therapeutic about spending a few hours at sea, away from the chaos of everyday life, waves lapping at the skull, the wind tousling your hair and filling your lungs with sweet smelling sea air, the sun kissing your skin leaving a golden hue.. .





Saturday was such a day.

Our dear friend Charlie of Naos Yachts, invited us and a few other friends, to join him and his wife aboard their magnificent catamaran, to spend an afternoon at sea. I could not imagine a better way to spend our 4th of July!

We met the at the peer at noon to savor a delicious potluck lunch before setting sail.

I love potluck meals with my french friends!! They always feel like gourmet affairs though everything is home made.  We savored a delicious glass of rosé with quiches, salads, pâtés, a fabulous “pain surprise” and wonderful dessert.

With bellies comfortably full we set sail in the early afternoon

It was a gorgeous day with clear blue skies and the sun just warm enough to keep sweaters off. The kids played joyfully while parents relaxed, enjoying wonderful conversations and a little more wine…

The sea was calm and inviting, our boat gliding effortlessly along the smooth and crystal clear water…

It was one of those afternoons where time slows down and fills you with a deep and profound peace.

My spirit soared…

My heart rested…

Things have been particularly hectic these past few months and this was exactly what I needed to recharge and rejuvenate.

Relaxing at sea

Life… Is… Awesome!

Alexandra smiling as she holds a little one

Alexandra delighted in the little ones.  How could you resist such a sweet face?  And those eyes!!!

Young Girl steering boatSabrina played Captain for a while…

Siblings giggled together …

Siblings playing at sea

As clouds begun rolling in, we turned around and headed back to the Pier.

As I saw the crowded marina I smiled, feeling rather privileged to be right where I was rather than fighting the mobs who had gathered for the evening festivities.

Fourth of July Crowd at Marina Del Rey

We were joined by a few more families for another scrumptious meal, fabulous wines, desserts and of course, champagne…  Laughter abounded as our teens shared stories and little ones played joyfully…

And as the sky turned dark, with bands playing it’s repertoire of bluesy classics, we delighted in the traditional Fourth of July fireworks.

Clouds masked part of the wonderful display but it was a moment to savor nonetheless.

We lingered a little longer, stretching the celebration and savoring friendships, some new, some that have lasted almost a life time…

And as it is with special friends,  a simple day became a truly magical one 🙂




  1. alicia szemon says:

    so pretty! i remember when i used to go on my grandpas boat when we lived in florida!

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