A Home Filled with Music and Laughter…

As the setting sun turned the sky to a glorious gold, squeals of laughter filled the air…

After months of waiting the girls were finally reunited…

The next ten days will probably whiz by at dizzying speed but for a moment time was suspended.

Gorgeous Sunset with golds and pinks

When our second daughter embarked on a ten day journey to Taiwan last year, we had no idea of the beautiful friendship that would blossom between her and the young lady who welcomed her. Those ten days were pure magic and have been etched in the depths of Natasha’s heart forever.

The girls got along so well that her parents asked if she could come for an early visit last summer.  We welcomed her with open arms for two beautiful weeks. Goodbyes were hard but the promise of her return this March brought smiles to tear filled eyes.

That moment is here now.

The ride home was graced with endless chatter…

And as we sat down to a simple dinner, joined by one of my oldest daughter’s friends, time slowed down…  I breathed in this moment and smiled at the happy faces gathered around our dinner table.  My house and heart were filled with warmth… laughter… love!

And then the most beautiful gifts of all… Music

As the kids sat around the piano, tears threatened to stream down my cheeks. Alexandra’s friend is a young recording artist just emerging onto the LA scene. He graced us with song after beautiful song, while Sabrina, my 7 year old, was inspired to shared a couple of her original compositions with him.

The last few months have been trying for our family. But in this moment time stood still and all our troubles melted away.

Last night was a breath of fresh air.  A gift of pure magic that lifted my spirits and filled my heart with deep and soothing joy.


  1. I love this! It is so important to cherish moments like this. Time flies so fast!

  2. I agree! Listening to the right sort of music can be uplifting. Music always calms me irrespective of how stressed I may be.

    • Music is such a powerful tool Marina! For me it was everything about last night that touched my soul… Having my girls and their friends gathered around, nothing but pure joy shared with each other…

  3. Sue Harding says:

    Fun family time, nothing like it.

  4. It’s amazing how something this simple can just stop you in your tracks. Enjoy every moment!

  5. I grew up listening to so many different types of music. It can certainly be soothing to the soul. Sounds like you have made some wonderful memories with your children through music.

  6. Sounds like such a beautiful moment. Music can be so powerful.

  7. What an amazing opportunity for your daughter and one for your family also! Music joins all people in amazing ways.

    • My daughter is one lucky girl for sure Barrie! I am so grateful that she found such a great friend in the young lady that welcomed her. She fits right in with the rest of my girls. Music is a blessing and a home filled with music is a happy home 🙂

  8. Music has a huge role in our family. My favorite memories are wrapped up in a diverse soundtrack.

  9. Hina momin says:

    What an great opportunity amazing music joins all of you people superb

  10. I can’t imagine a world without music. Music is balm to my soul.

  11. Oh wow! its so beautiful to hear stories like this, it brings happiness to my heart. It is truly nice when people from across the globe find each other as if they are born as brother and sister or sister to sister or brothers to brother.. Such Blessing..

  12. Love friendships that bond like that. Sometimes moments like those are all that matters.

  13. Music is so wonderful. It can lift me up when I’m down and lift me higher when I’m not.

  14. Thank you for sharing this with us. It is a beautiful memory.

  15. Donna K Peterson says:

    This is a wonderful story. I firmly believe in the healing lower of music.

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