4 Reasons You Should Read the Books Your Teens Are Reading

One of the things Cris and I really cherish as parents, is reading to, and with our girls... This past year has been such a fun year as we've watched Sabrina, who is in Kindergarten, discover the joys of reading by herself.  It's so fun to witness this all over again... I remember Alexandra, who will be 16 in just a few days, demonstrate as much enthusiasm when she embarked on this magical journey … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Picky Eater [But You’ll Never Guess Who!]

by Anne Newsome Hello, lovely Scrumptious Moms! I’m excited to share with you today a story that may be all too familiar, involving a famous comic strip character. Can you guess who this story describes? [Don’t you peek ahead!] The setting: The dinner table. It’s about 6:00 pm, and he plops down, takes one look at his plate and asks, “What’s this disgusting stuff?” His mother, not missing … [Read more...]