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Bible Belles Review and Giveaway

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One of my favorite times of day is just before bedtime, when I cuddle up with my little one and we read a faith inspired story and a passage from the Bible before saying bedtime prayers.  The Gift of Faith is one of the greatest gifts we can share with our children.  We share in the way we live our lives, through scripture and daily prayer, and through beautiful stories that bring to life the message of the Bible in a way that makes sense for our little ones in the world we live in today.

Our Girls need Biblical Heroes They can Relate To!

As the mother of three girls I feel saddened by the fact that too many of the women hailed as role models today do not embody our christian values.  I want my daughters to have real female heroes to look up to, women who honor God and live according to His law.

Our catholic faith offers many beautiful saints to learn from — Thérèse of Lisieux, one of my favorites since I was seven, Elizabeth Seton, Bernadette, Kateri Tekakwitha to name of few.  We also have everyday heroes like Mother Theresa and Leila Rose. Their stories grace our bookshelves and are a constant source of inspiration.

I’m always looking for more books to add to our collection, new ways to share the beauty of living a faithful and faith filled life. That’s why I was exited to review the new Bible Belles series by Erin Weidemann.

Bible Belles is a new series designed to give little girls female heroes to look up to.  It tells the stories of Women in the Bible through the lens of a modern little girl named Roony Cruz. Roony could be your daughter or the girl next door. She’s easy for every little girl to relate to and faces challenges that every little girl is likely to encounter at some point or another. 

Belle is french for “beautiful”.  The author chose this title because she wants little girls everywhere to know what real beauty is. She wants them to value inner beauty, the kind that comes from God and pleases him.  So much value is placed on physical beauty that our little girls are growing up with a huge misunderstanding of real beauty, the kind that we see with our hearts.

In every book in the Bible Belles series, Rooney will experience a real modern life challenge and get to meet a female hero from the Bible who will help her understand how to face this challenge God’s way.

“Thanks to some help from her guardian angel Mari, Rooney learns about one special superpower that each Belle possessed, earning the power for herself. From the moment she acquires her first superpower, her transformation into a real life superhero begins. Through her journey, Rooney comes to understand God’s love and the true definition of beauty.”

Young girls reading Hannah the Belle of Prayer

Sabrina loved “Hannah, the Belle of Prayer”, the first book in the Bible Belles series.  In this first book we meet Rooney on the playground at school.  When she is bullied by the boisterous popular girls, Rooney finds peace under a big tree.  Soon after she is visited by her guardian angel, Mary, the tiniest angel ever!  But don’t be fooled, this little angel has superpowers! She takes Rooney on a special journey into the Bible where she meets Hannah, the Belle of Prayer.  Through Hannah, Rooney learns what prayer is and how she can use prayer to stay close to God and  call upon Him in times of need.

OTS reading Bible Belles

Sabrina read the book on her own, with mommy smiling nearby.  The language is modern and not dumbed down, and she had to ask about a handful of words she wasn’t familiar with. The type is fun with many colorful accents as well as changes in type size which gives the text a life of it’s own.

Bible Belle illustration

The books are illustrated by former Disney animator Rob Corley, who is known for his work on The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.  This makes the characters of Bible Belle feel instantly familiar to little girls who have grown up with Disney princesses.

Hannah the Belle of Prayer book cover

Hannah the Belle of prayer was a fun and educational read for my little girl. She asked a lot questions about this faithful woman who trusted that God would answer her prayer.  It was easy to see how Rooney learned to talk to God and call on Him in her time of need and how every little girl can possess this superpower herself.

I look forward to introducing Sabrina to all the other Bible Belles: Esther the Belle of Patience, Abigail the Belle of Bravery, Ruth the Belle of of Loyalty and Deborah the Belle of Leadership.

The woman behind Bible Belles

Erin Weidemann Author Photo

I believe Erin Weidemann is an everyday female hero herself.  She is an enthusiastic and goofy mom to two children, one of them with paws.  Erin is a full time teacher, mother, coach and five-time cancer survivor whose life story is amazing in itself. She was convinced that being a wife and mother were not in her future, but she has experienced that with God nothing is impossible. Her personal experiences, seeing negative life situations used for good in her life and for others while finding her own personal destiny, inspired her to create this life-changing series that will help girls around the world fulfill their destiny as well.

In designing the Bible Belles, Erin wanted to share biblical values in a way that modern little girls can connect with, cherish and embrace as their own.  Erin is my kind of mom for sure 🙂  I look forward to sharing more about this beautiful woman in the very near future so stay tuned…  Meanwhile you can find out more about this inspiring woman at

Share Bible Belles with Your Little Princess

Would you like to share the Bible Belles with your little princess?

I’m excited to bring you the opportunity to win your very own copy of “Hannah, the Belle of Prayer”.

To enter, simply leave me a comment on this post, sharing why you’d like to bring the Bible Belles home to your little girl, niece, grand daughter, or any special princess in your life.

You can also order a copy directly from the Bible Belle website.

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  1. i couldn’t love this anymore – so important for little girls to have positive role models. And the pictures of your little one enjoying this story are precious!

  2. i just adore the idea of this book series. There are so many great role models in the Bible and it’s nice for our girls to get to know them.

  3. Kimberly Lynn says:

    Wow this made my heart feel warm inside!

  4. You said,” I feel saddened by the fact that too many of the women hailed as role models today do not embody our christian values”. I feel the same way too.

    Love the pictures of your little one enjoying the story.

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