Core vs Mechanics

When was the last time you took an evening out from your business to do some serious cooking? I’m talking about a full-on bake-fest, with every corner of your kitchen taken up with ingredients, prepping, and chopping.

A long time, huh?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve usually got your head buried in a laptop until the early hours of the morning, doing all the tasks you need to get underway before you can head off to bed with a clear conscience.

Your idea of cooking for the family probably means grabbing a take-out or heating something up in the microwave, right?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

It’s a shame though, because the world of cooking and the world of business are not so far apart. In fact, there’s a great lesson to be learned from cooking that we can apply to our business, which will bring so many benefits you will even have time to head off to the kitchen for some quality family time.
If you apply them.

The thing about cooking is that it’s a process of taking lots of disparate elements and making them into a single, satisfying whole. You have ingredients that need to be pulled together, processes that need to be followed, and a whole range of different activities peeling,(chopping, cooking) that need to be done before you get close to the main point of the process – the finished product – your delicious meal!
Business is exactly the same.

For every outcome you are trying to achieve, whether it is a new type of service, or increased customer retention, or a better online brand, there are a hundred smaller, less impactful aspects that need to be taken care of before you can realize your final result.

This is what takes up our time; getting all of those myriad little tasks out of the way before we can focus on the end product, the things that are going to make the difference and propel our business forward.
Unlike many Internet business owners, however, most cooks have a great way of sorting out those little tasks. If you picture a huge restaurant with an equally busy kitchen behind it, then you’ll see what I mean.

There is usually a Head Chef, the brains and talent behind the completed product. Supporting the Chef you then have an assistant chef, someone to wash up, someone to take the meals out to the waiting customers, and someone to process the payments. There will be a person in charge of pouring the drinks, and another person who is there to chop up ingredients and hand them over to the Chef so they can apply their talent to creating fantastic dishes.

If someone told the Chef that from now on, they had to do all that themselves, one of two things would happen. The first is that they would probably laugh in the person’s face and move on to a more sensible restaurant. The second is that they would give it a go, and the meals would end up turning into complete disasters as they raced about trying and failing to care for every aspect of the process, leaving the meals themselves burned, raw, or simply inedible.

So why, as business owners, do we expect to be able to do every single thing ourselves? It doesn’t make any more sense than it would to ask a Michelin-starred Chef to head out to the front of the house to clear away the dirty crockery.

And chefs don’t just have a team of helpers on hand, they also have a whole host of gadgets to support them to cook up great dishes. They use graters, dicers, mixers, and anything else that will make their job easier and more efficient.

I like to think of the meal that the chef produces as the CORE of their catering business. It’s the essence of what they do, that sums up their talent and their passion. All the rest of it, the chopping, washing up, and serving? That’s the MECHANICS of what they do. They leave the MECHANICS of their business alone and allow other people to expertly deal with those aspects, leaving themselves space and time to concentrate on what is really important… the dish itself.

Our business should be divided up in exactly the same way.

It’s really important to become aware that the MECHANICS of your business can be easily passed on to other people without any negative fallout. In fact, there is only benefit to you if you succeed in separating the CORE from the MECHANICS and allow others to support you by undertaking those elements of your job.

You can hire someone to deal with HR processes, someone else to undertake your marketing, and yet another to deal with your accounting and financial administration, all without impacting the core of your business in any way whatsoever.

How many hours each day could you save for yourself if you took that step?

How much more profitable, successful, visionary, and innovative could your business be?

You are the very best person to look after the core aspects of your own business because you understand your industry and you’re an expert at what you do. It makes absolute sense for you to focus on what you excel at, and achieving a profitable, long-standing successful venture. The problem is that you can only do this is if you give yourself the time and space to concentrate on it fully.

Just as the chef will rely on others to enable him to create a culinary masterpiece, you need to have the sense to let go of the time-consuming MECHANICS of what you do, to enable the real CORE of your business to flourish.

Whether you pass over the mechanics of your business to systems that are designed to deal with them, outsource locally or internationally to experts who deal with this type of work every single day, or simply draft in more help to free you up, you’ll be taking the single most proactive and empowering step possible to allow your business to flourish, your creativity to take flight, and your unique skills and abilities to be set to their right purpose.

Who knows – you may even free up enough time to concentrate on doing some real cooking!
Don’t let your business run you into the ground. Run your business onward and upward by giving yourself the time, space, and ability to focus on what you do best, every single day.

It’s the single most empowering business recipe for longevity, profit, and success.

About the Author:

Pete Williams, described by the media as “Australia’s Richard Branson,” has founded numerous successful businesses, is an International best-selling author, and is determined to break down the wall that prevents aspiring entrepreneurs from recognizing the truth…
There is no online business.
There is no offline business.
There is ONLY business.
Pete is sick and tired of certain online gurus putting a wall around Internet marketing and limiting their student’s ability to grow their business. This is a revelation that can and should revolutionize your potential.

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