Enjoy the Great Outdoors All Summer Long #1MillionMinutes


Long sun drenched days…

Lazy mornings…

Lots of play time…

Ahhh pure BLISS!!

Summer for my family means lots of time outdoors.

After sitting in classrooms for months on end, the girls love to stretch their legs and fill their lungs with fresh air. I love to get my work done early while everyone is still sleeping so we can sneak away for a good chunk of the day.

We’re an active family so we’ll usually plan our day around some sort of fitness activity or another. We’re just as happy planning a picnic on the beach with friends, and laughing through a game of beach volleyball or rugby, as we are riding along the coast on our bikes.

One of our all time favorite spots is Point Dume in Malibu, although in the past few years it has become more and more popular, and, hence, a lot more crowded than what we had grown accustomed to.

Friends at Point Dume Malibu

The highlight of this particular beach is the rock face that stands tall against the oceans. My hubby and I discovered rock climbing together before our daughters were born and have always cherished weekends at Joshua Tree National Park, a climber’s paradise.  The girls are just as fond of this outdoor sport as we are, and Point Dume allows us to enjoy a few hours of rock climbing without the long drive. There’s something quite magical about climbing the rock as the waves lap against the rocks behind you!

There are routes for all levels so there really is something for everyone. We love inviting a bunch of friends to join us. We pack a healthy lunch, beach toys, ropes, and rock climbing shoes and have an absolutely splendid day!

And our day at Point Dume is usually graced by porpoises and whales frolicking close by in the late afternoon and early evening… A sight that never looses it’s magic!

And the sunsets.. Breathless always!

Point Dume at Sunset

Join team #sweatpink and help us reach 1 Million Minutes of fitness this sumner by sharing your family fitness activity across your social media channels with the hashtags #1MillionMinutes and #Sweatpink.

Have fun!!!

Do you have a favorite summer spot? What’s your favorite way to enjoy the outdoors?

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