Featured Mom

Every month or so, we feature a special mom who lives the scrumptious life in her own special way.

It is our hope that these moms will inspire you to see how living the scrumptious life is within everyone’s reach. It all starts with a simple commitment to nurture yourself mind, body and soul.

Screen shot 2013-09-30 at 4.40.42 PMMaggie Baird – October 2013

I met this month’s Scrumptious Mom, Maggie Baird, a little more than 10 years ago. She and I were both learning how to fly! Not in the the traditional way, in the cockpit of an airplane, but with our own wings, hanging from silks or the trapeze. Yes Maggie and I had discovered the magic of aerial fitness! Since then, I’ve drifted in and out of class, but Maggie stuck to it and last year became … [Read more…]

anne1Anne Newsome – July 2013

Anne Newsome, 36, has been married to her college sweetheart John, for over 14 years! The couple share a passion for food and healthy living and together write a Food Blog, the Saturday Evening Pot, where she is known as “The Lucky Wife”, and he as “Chef John”. Anne and John both grew up in North Carolina but now live in South Carolina with their two young children, a son who is 6 years old, … [Read more…]

Souri HeadshotSouri Sengdara – June 2013

Our June Scrumptious Mom, Souri Sengdara, is a beautiful woman with a powerful and inspiring story. At 38 she lives the life of her dreams in the stylish city of Melbourne, Australia, married to the man of her dreams with her two children, 12 year old daughter Jaclyn, and 3 year old son Ethan. Souri will forever be grateful to her parents who literally risked their lives to give her a chance at … [Read more…]

21784_274106599387383_463676164_nLidija Maric Fairbanks – May 3013

One of the things I love about our May Scrumptious Mom, Lidija Maric Fairbanks, is her perpetual enthusiasm. As you’ll see from her story, life was not always easy for this 40 year old mother of two wonderful teenage boys, yet she is not one to dwell on illness or obstacles that come her way. She lives in the moment, grateful for her blessings and always looking to make things better for … [Read more…]

Jo Ann HeadshotJo Ann Thrailkill – March 2013

I met Jo Ann in February of 2010 and I knew immediately that we would be friends. Her infectious smile lit up the entire room and touched me profoundly! We were both attending “Alchemy”, a wonderful workshop sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation. I was acting as Director of Development for an LA based non-profit organization. Jo Ann and her husband Jeff were just launching their own … [Read more…]

P1080146Nathalie King – January 2013

Nathalie King is a personal trainer who inspires women daily to take control of their health and live boldly and beautifully. This 44 year old mom of two, lives in Annapolis, Maryland, with her husband of 16 years, their children and their Norwich Terrier, James Bond. She grew up in Paris, France, the third of four children, and as you may have guessed, she is my younger sister! When … [Read more…]

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 4.59.04 PMLisa Cash Hanson – December 2012

This month’s Scrumptious Mom, Lisa Cash Hanson, is a phenomenal woman and a kindred spirit. I met Lisa just a few months ago but she already holds a special place in my life. At forty something, Lisa is a first time mom to a delightful, yet very busy 19 month old, Matilda. She lives in the neon city of Las Vegas with her hubby and daughter, their English Bulldog Harley and her Pit Bull … [Read more…]

Alecia with sonAlecia Spendlove – November 2012

Alecia Spendlove is the busy mom of two beautiful children, a former model, and the creator of Alexandra Rain, S.M.E. (Super Model Extraordinaire), an interactive children’s storybook app. Her husband, Randy is the President of Motion Picture Music at Paramount Pictures. The couple has a busy lifestyle with all the commitments of the entertainment industry. Alecia supports her husband fully … [Read more…]

natural kristy headshotKristy Beauvais – October 2012

42 year old Kristy Beauvais is the proud mom of two scrumptious little girls; nine year-old Gabbi and two and a half year-old Brodie. She and her husband Paul are co-founders of FOCUSfish, a California non-profit, through which they bring the magic of circus and aerial sports to children and adults of all walks of life. Kristy is passionate about health, fitness and living a balanced … [Read more…]

head julie (2)Julie Muller – September 2012

Julie Muller, 43, has been married to her scrumptious hubby TJ for 14 years and is the proud mother of 11 year old twin boys. Born and raised in Portland Oregon, Julie is high energy, creative, resourceful and more than anything, loves helping people. A self proclaimed “workaholic”, Julie has officially been working since she was 11 years old. She spent the majority of her adult work life in … [Read more…]

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