Fitness Friday – 20 Minute Bikini Body Boot Camp


Welcome to a very special Fitness Friday!

If you have been looking for a super effective workout that you can squeeze in every day without stress you are going to LOVE today’s special workout brought to you by my sister, Nathalie King, personal trainer extraordinaire and creator of the Bikini Body Boot Camp.  This workout is based on the Tabata principles which, like BURST and HIIT alternates a High intensity interval with a low intensity rest and recoup interval.

So get ready to sweat and bring on some amazing transformation!

Below are 5 Supersets of exercises.  Do each set the number of times listed ( 4x times except for exercises you do on one side only — you’ll do 2 sets of these on each side).  Your total workout time is 20 minutes and trust me you will be ready for a break when you’ve gone through all the exercises.

Make sure to take 5 minutes to warm up before you get started and stretch after you have completed this workout.  As always, proper nutrition and hydration are key so drink plenty of water and eat some lean protein within 20 minutes after your workout.

Have fun!


Proper form is key in getting the most out of your workout, Here us how to properly execute each one of the exercises listed above.

Squat (Squat Jump)

Stand tall feet shoulders width apart.
Squat deeply as though you were sitting in a chair bringing your buttocks towards the back, keeping your weight on your heels, knees in line with your ankles. (imagine a straight line going from your knee though your ankle into the floor)
Jump back to standing then go right back to squat position.
Repeat for the duration listed.

* The jump is optional. If this feels too advance simply burst to standing and right back into a squat.
Keep core engaged for the duration of this exercise.

Reverse Lunge – Jump*


Stand with feet shoulders width apart.
Take your right leg and step backwards into a lunge, keeping knee aligned with ankle.
Jump up switching feet to land in lunge with the left leg behind.

*The jump is optional. If jumping brings you out of balance come up to standing then step back with opposite leg.

Jumping Jacks

A favorite classic, these are just as much fun now as they were when you were a kid and had no idea you were getting such a great workout 🙂

Stand with feet together.
Jump up raising hands above your head and clapping, landing with feet slightly wider than shoulders width.
Jump back to starting position.

Prisoner Push Ups
Start in plank position, hands shoulder width apart, shoulders above wrists, abs fully engaged.
Lower to right elbow.
Lower to left elbow
Push up to extended arm on right
Push back up to extended arm on left.

Variation: (great for obliques)
Start in plank position, hands shoulder width apart, shoulders above wrists, abs fully engaged.
Lower to right elbow.
Push back up to extended arm.
Lower to left elbow.
Push back up to extended arm.

Crab Dips
Start in table position, hands behind you, hips raised and perpendicular to floor, legs bend to 90 degree.
Reach right hand to left foot.
Return to starting position.
Repeat on other side.






  1. This sounds like a great workout. I really need to get my butt in gear and start doing more like this.

  2. Rebecca Swenor says:

    This does indeed sound like a great workout for sure. I would love to try this with my sisters and nieces. We would all have bikini bodies by time summer rolls around. Thanks for sharing these exercises.

  3. This looks like a great workout. I love that I can do it in the privacy of my own home as well.

  4. Thanks for the push. I go to the gym, but sometimes do not work hard enough to burn maximum calories.
    You have inspired me!

  5. Wow you have a lot going on in that 20 minutes. I may feel a tad tired just reading your post! There are a few exercises I’ve heard of, like burpees, whose name makes me laugh.

  6. This looks like a great start to the program.

  7. Molli vandehey says:

    i love these fitness tips, but i gotta tell you, i kind of hate when people refer to it as bikini body or whatever… it is great to work out to feel healthy but be proud to wear whatever you want, always! we are all beautiful!

    • I totally agree with your Molli and feel I need to explain… My sister, the founder of the bikini body bootcamp is someone who knows all too well the dangers of trying to meet an ideal that is unattainable.. She suffered greatly from anorexia and bulimia as a teen and is now a personal trainer. Her definition of the bikini body is simply this… a body you feel confident in. It isn’t about looking a certain way but loving your own unique and beautiful body, and walking with confidence and self love. Her training is health oriented not image oriented but the title without a tagline can of course be misleading. Thanks for your beautiful comment and calling this to my attention. I do not want to suggest that a beautiful body is one that meets a certain standard and realize that the title of this post along with the image I chose to illustrate does indeed fall into that.

  8. Looks challenging but I got to move off the couch finally. 😉

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