Fitness Friday – 5 Moves for Beautiful Sculpted Legs


With temperatures dropping leggings are one of the season’s hottest wardrobe “must-haves”… And the perfect way to show off your beautiful toned and sculpted legs!

Add this killer workout once a twice a week for lean, sculpted, beautiful legs.


You can do this workout in one of two ways:

1 – Specific number of reps and sets
2 – BURST session

The instructions below use the BURST method but you may adapt to your personal preference and needs.

The Prisoner Squat

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, core engaged. Gently place hands behind your head, elbows out (you don’t want to be tugging in any way). Keeping your chest up and back straight, sit back as though you were sitting in a chair, aiming your butt behind you. Keep your weight on your heels and sit back as low as you can without compromising form. Push through heels to return to standing.

Properly executed, this exercise should not put any strain on your knees. The key is to keep your weight shooting straight down through your heels. You should be able to lift your toes of the floor slightly.

Thigh Trimmer (Francine Daveta, Fitness Magazine)

The Thigh Trimmer is an awesome exercise that will sculpt your entire leg.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart.  Bend at the waist placing hands on the floor in front of you. Bend legs slightly.  Lift your left foot off the ground, turning knee out to the side slightly. Raise bent leg into the air, bringing it slightly towards the right in a diagonal motion. Lower and repeat.

Do one set with the left leg followed by one set on the right leg.

Properly executed, this exercise should not put any strain on your knees or back. Make sure to keep your core engaged to remain stable. Lift and lower leg at a speed that does not make you lose your balance.


Skaters, also called “speed skaters” work the entire leg with a focus on the inner thigh.  Picture a speed skater gliding smoothly on the ice as you do tho exercise. This is the position you want to imitate.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart.  Bend at the waist slightly to bring your shoulders forward a bit. Keep back flat, core engaged.  Bend arms in front of you. Leap to the right,(this is the BURST part of the movement) landing on your right foot, crossing the left leg behind and bringing your left foot past your right foot. Bring your left arm in front of you and right arm to the side as you execute this move. Leap to the left, crossing the right leg behind and bringing your right foot past your left foot.

Repeat for duration of set.

Properly executed, this exercise should not put any strain on your knees or back. Make sure to keep your core engaged to remain stable. This is a cardiovascular exercise and you should feel a little winded but not uncomfortably so.

Reverse Lunge with Kick

Another killer move that works your entire leg as well as your core.

Stand with feet shoulder width apart, hands by your side or placed on  your waist. Take a giant step backwards with your right leg to land in a long lunge. Your knee should be pointing straight down. Keep your glutes tight squeezing as you lower into the lunge. Keeping core engaged, squeeze your glutes as you lift your right leg in  front of you into a controlled kick. Lower back into the reverse lunge.

Do one set with the right leg followed by a set on the left leg.

Properly executed, this exercise should not put any strain on your knees or back. Make sure to keep your core engaged to remain stable. Use your core to lift your leg during the kick.

Sumo Squat

The Sumo Squat is one of my favorite exercises for working the upper inner thigh.

Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, feet angles out about 45 degrees. Keeping back straight and core engaged, sit back into a squat, shooting buttocks behind you, pushing thighs open as you do so. You may want to gently place your hands on the inside of your leg, just behind the knee. Stand back up and repeat.

Properly executed, this exercise should not put any strain on your knees or back. Make sure to keep your core engaged to remain stable. Do not let your knees angle forward. They should be in line with your ankles. They key to the success of this exercise is to shoot your buttocks straight back while simultaneously pushing out with your thighs. You should feel a gentle pull in the upper inner thigh as you squat.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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  1. I love all of these exercises. I used to the skaters with my personal trainer. I hated looking silly in the gym but then I started seeing some definition in the muscles and said forget those other people.

    • Skaters are one of my favorite moves Holly and I applaud you for stopping to worry about what everyone else might think. You’re doing this for you and I suspect you look pretty awesome doing those skaters because you look like someone who’s taking care of herself and staying committed 🙂

  2. This is a great list of leg exercises! The bonus of leg exercises is they are usually pretty cardio intensive, too.

    What’s your favorite one?

    • That is a great bonus indeed Krystyn. AS for my favorite, that’s a tough one… I love mixing them up and challenging myself by introducing new exercises every now and then. From this list, skaters and the tight trimmers are probably the ones I favor. They are pretty intense and bring results fats 🙂 What about you? Do you have a favorite?

  3. Great list. I need to start working out again. Some of these I can’t do because of my bad knee but other I can. Can’t wait to try them. Thanks for sharing.

    • You are most welcome Teresa. If you would like recommendations on more exercises you can do without adding stress to your needs please let me know. I’d be more than happy to share. Keeping you and your health in prayer.

  4. Thank you for this I started doing your 5 minute abs and I hurt so bad the next day, but I knew it was working. Pinned this to add it into my routine too!

    • You are welcome Ellen! I’m thrilled you liked the 5 minutes abs routine and hope you enjoy this one just much. You should be aiming for a deep sore, though, not as much pain so use that as a barometer and pull back a little if you are in real, debilitating pain, then increase your intensity as you build muscle and strength. 🙂

  5. I love all of these leg exercises. I’m going to try at least one of them to start getting my legs into better shape. I could use some help and when the girls go to school in the morning, I can spare a few minutes to do these. Thanks!!

  6. I’m always looking on youtube for workout programs at home. I haven’t tried a few of these exercises before. Thanks for some new ideas.

  7. Thank you for sharing. Always looking for different exercises to mix things up with my workout. I could definitely incorporate some of these with my current workout.

  8. I’ve recently joined a gym to get into shape. I’m so going to try this!

  9. My legs need some serious help. I’m going to have to try this routine!

  10. I have a love/hate with these exercises. They’re not fun to do but they get the job done!

    • Haha Liz, I love that though I do hope the LOVE part of that relationship becomes the most important. The Mind-body connection is so important for transformation and when you look forward to your workout with joy it becomes exiting and you boost your return 🙂 So proud of you for committing!!!

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