Fitness Friday – 8 Minute Fat Blasting Morning Workout

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Kick start your day this fun and energetic workout!

As we explored last week, morning workouts offer plenty of healthy benefits, such as increased energy and focus, and of course a revved up metabolism. When you jumpstart your metabolism it becomes more efficient at burning fat all day long.

I know moms are busier than ever in the morning with all that running about to get the kids out the door and off to school on time but all you need for this workout is 8 minutes! That’s it. And I know everyone can squeeze an 8 minute workout no matter what. So NO EXCUSES!

This workout is short, simple and requires no special equipment so you can do it anywhere. Just make sure you have plenty of space to move in as you’ll be doing some jumping.

For optimum results, do this before breakfast and power through it with energy and purpose. Remember you’ll only be pushing for eight minutes so give it your all!

Ready to set your day and metabolism on fire?

Here we go!

8 minute fat blasting morning workout exercise list

This 8 minute workout consists of four supersets. Each super set combines 2 exercises.  We work all muscle groups to get a full body workout.

Use a Tabata timer and set it for 8 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.

This is a power workout.  Explode through these sets. Push hard. No holding back!

High Knees

This is one of my favorite dynamic warm up exercises. It activates all of your muscles and gets your heart rate up.

> Start standing tall feet shoulder width apart.
> Run in place as fast as you can, bringing knees to waist level (or higher), pumping arms as you do.

To simplify this exercise slightly keep hands in front of you and touch knees to hands as you run in place.

Lateral Jumps

This exercises mimics the side to side motion of a skier.

> Stand tall feet firmly on the ground with your legs and feet together, arms at your sides.
> Engage your core as you bend your knees and lower into a squatting position.
> Keeping feet together jump up and to one side. Make jump as wide and fast as you can while keeping it safe.
> Land on the balls of your feet, knees bent to support your joints, making as little noise as > possible. Bring heel down as you prepare to jump to the other side.

To get the most out of this exercise you want to explode through these jumps while remaining light on your feet.

Jump Squat with Drag and Lunge

This exercise targets all your leg muscles including your inner thigh, that lovely region we all want to tighten up. You’ll also be working all of your core and raising your heart rate as you explode through your jumps.

> Stand tall feet shoulder width apart, hands by your side.
> Bend into a deep squat, reaching your buttocks backwards, keeping your knee in alignment with your ankles, weight on your heels, raising arms in front of you.
> Explode up into the air, pushing through your toes, reaching arms overhead.
> Land back into your squat.
> Reach your right leg back and cross behind your left leg reaching as wide as you can, bending into a lunge.
> Return to squat. Explode up and execute a lunge on the other side. Repeat for 20 second cycle.

* This is an advanced move. Here are two variations you can do if you find it too challenging

  1. Jump squats — Explode up and return to squat without adding the side lunge
  2. Squat to side lunge without the jump. 

Jumping Lunges

> Stand tall feet shoulder width apart, hands by your side or on your hips.
> Engage core and step right foot forward to land in a lunge, keeping weight centered.
> Push through the ball of your feet as you jump up
> Switch legs and land in a lunge with the left foot forward
> Repeat

Russian Twist

This exercise is excellent for an overall tight core with an emphasis on your obliques.
For a more challenging workout add weight with a 5 to 10 pounds medicine ball or hand weight.

> Start sitting in a “V”, legs bent, core engaged, arms in front of you.
> Twist to the right, reaching hands (or weight) toward the floor. If using a weight keep it just an inch or 2 off the floor.
> Twist to the left and repeat, twisting from side to side bringing hands or weight in front of you then to the side with each twist.

** Maintain good form to protect your back — back straight or very slightly curved but don’t slouch.

Bicycle Crunches

Another killer ab workout that works your entire core including your obliques and upper abs.

> Lay on the floor on your back.
> Lightly touch hands to ear, bending elbows. Do NOT lace hands behind head and pull on your neck.
> Keeping legs straight lift feet a few inches off the ground.
> Bend your right knee bringing it in towards your chest.
> Crunch and twist to touch left elbow to knee
> Extend right leg as you bend left left to chest and touch right elbow to your knee
> Keep alternating right and left moving your legs as though you were pedaling a bicycle

Make sure to keep core tight throughout the exercise. The lower you can keep your legs when you extend them the more challenging the exercise becomes.

Prisoner Push Ups

This is a fabulous full body exercise with a slight emphasis on upper body and core. Make sure to keep core engaged throughout. Maintain a nice squeeze in your legs and buttocks as well.

> Start in plank position, hands shoulder width apart, shoulders above wrists, abs fully engaged.
> Lower to right elbow.
> Lower to left elbow
> Push up to extended arm on right.
> Push back up to extended arm on left.
> Repeat

Mountain Climbers


Everyone loves mountain climbers right?
This is another fabulous full body exercise that works brings up your heart rate and gives your core a nice burn :-0

> Get into a straight arm plank position, arms extended, hands firmly on the ground, legs fully extended behind you.
> Engage core and kick right knee up towards chest keeping back flat.
> Kick leg back to starting position as you kick the other one forward.
> Kick knees back and forth in a running motion as fast as you can.

I hope you enjoy this workout and reap the benefits all day long!


  1. Love this routine. I don’t have a lot of extra exercise equipment, so things that I can do without needing to invest in equipment is awesome.

  2. Aubrey Bryant says:

    Love your blog! ❤️

  3. I collect workouts like these to use when I’m on vacation! I otherwise would probably just take a week off, since I’m usually not jonesing to put in my typical hour like I would at home. (It’s vacation after all!) But these take almost no time at all and can be done right in my hotel room. 8 minutes is more than no minutes! And it makes me feel a little better the rest of the day, especially when I’m enjoying an ice cream cone. Or two. 🙂 I’ll give this one a shot when we head to Disney in a few weeks!

  4. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!

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