Get Up, Get Out, Get Active and a Chance to Win a $400 Gift Card!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of UnitedHealthcare. All opinions are 100% mine
SM-OctDare1It’s fall and such a perfect time to be outdoors!

So put on your hiking boots, grab a girlfriend or the kids and go explore the area parks for a few hours. If running is more your style, early morning runs when the sun has just kissed the sky and the air smells of dew are my favorites!

Over the past few weeks many of you have told me how much you love my Fitness Friday workouts but need a little extra motivation.

How does a chance to win a $400 Gift card work for extra motivation?

Thanks to the folks at United Healthcare I’m happy to offer you that extra incentive. AND if that’s not enough, one lucky Scrumptious Moms will also win a special BONUS gift of a $100 Footlocker Gift Card.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a daily fitness activity and commit to at least 20 minutes
  2. Log your workout at
  3. Enter the Promotional code SCRUMPTIOUS for a chance to win an extra bonus exclusive to our Scrumptious Moms community.


Go ahead and indulge in a yoga or Pilates class if that is more your style.

And if you are pressed for time and prefer to work out at home here is a sample BURST workout I have put together for you. All you need to complete this workout is 20 minutes and I know you can squeeze that in no matter how crazy your schedule may be, because YOU DESERVE IT!!

Do this workout 3 times a week and run, swim, salsa or jump rope with the kids for an additional 2 to 3 times a week. And don’t forget to bookmark the United Healthcare page and log your daily activity to increase your chances of being the $400 Grand prize winner AND our Scrumptious Moms BONUS prize winner! Make sure to enter the promo code SCRUMPTIOUS every tine you log in to qualify for that extra $100 bonus!

I hope that’s plenty of motivation for those of you who need just an extra little push.



To your health!



  1. You get paid to exercise? That may be the motivation I need! Thanks for sharing the opportunity to wi.

  2. Now THAT is the kind of motivation that I like.

  3. That’s some great motivation!

  4. I need to get more active. Probably not going to happen though with winter on its way.

    • Don’t let winter stop you Nolie! Exercise is a fabulous way to beat winter blues.. Just bring your workout indoors… Invite a couple of girlfriends for a Zumba party… have fun with it 🙂

  5. Money is a HUGE motivator for me, but so is walking (talking) with a great friend. If she asks me to go, my answer is always yes because I enjoy the company!

  6. Well, money is a great motivator, but I plan on beating my newly diagnosed diabetes- and exercise is key! Winning some moolah would be extra!

    • I love your mindset Wendy! Beating that diabetes would be the best of rewards and I wish you all the best in achieving that. The $$ would be a nice bonus for any of us right, but feeling our best — well there really is no substitute for that.

  7. I just started a boxing class!

  8. They’re onto me. They knew this will finally get me to do more when it comes to exercise. *sigh* that $400 is tempting though.

  9. thats an amazing prize. thanks for sharing

  10. I need to get back into an exercise routine, even if it is inside my house. I love this little app you have and a chance to win $400 is awesome. Good luck.

    • Being able to work out at home makes it a lot easier to fit a daily exercise plan into a busy schedule, simply by eliminating your drive time to the gym. Look through our “Fitness Friday” workouts for lots of inspiration and good luck!

  11. A great incentive to get active. I have been trying to hit the gym more often.

  12. Talk about a bit of motivation! I might be able to get into this 😉

  13. I’m just trying to get up and get things done more. Sitting on my duff does nothing cleaning and such is both useful & burns calories.

    • You make a great point Robin that our daily chores, especially the more physical one,when executed with energy, contribute to our physical activity. It’s not enough but it certainly is a start 🙂

  14. Wonderful incentive to get up and moving. I love my endorphins from working out. Make me a much happier person.

  15. Stephanie says:

    I need to get up and get moving more.

    • Alright, let’s do it Stephanie! I hope this giveaway gives you a little extra boost but ultimately the best incentive is how great you feel when you make that commitment to yourself. Good luck!

  16. Today was my short workout/sprint day. I love how good it feels to sweat!

  17. I love being outside in the cool fall air!

  18. Lately, I’ve been active by hitting the trails, but I need to get into cardio a little more.

  19. I really need to make more of an effort to be active every day.

    • Just take it one day at a time Angela. Start by looking at your schedule and blocking out a time, even if it’s just 20 minutes a day. Then pick your favorite activity and grab a friend to help you stay on track.

  20. This is such a great incentive to get moving. I walk every morning after I bring my girls to school. Depending on how warm or cold it is, I take longer walks or shorter walks. But I feel so good the days I do it and if I want till later in the day, I won’t go.

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