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“Bored with God” Review and Giveaway

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“Do I really have to go to Church?  I mean I love God and all but church is soooo boring, it puts me to sleep.”

My heart ached as I heard those words,  but I could relate…

I was a teen once.  And though I loved God and would never turn my back on Him, there were plenty of exiting things vying for my attention in those days — movies, music, boys… Ah yes boys…  I was a normal teen after all and when those hormones started shifting boys became a lot more interesting.

And then there were dance parties…. I LOVE dancing, still do today, and dance parties were my favorite place to be!

I grew up in Paris, France and was raised in a beautiful Catholic family.  We were blessed to attend Mass in a wonderful church that was part of a religious community. The sisters were all beautiful and radiated such love for Christ!  As their angelic voices rose up in song I could feel the Holy Spirit wrap me in a warm embrace.

God was real there!

He was present at every Mass!

He was present in everyone of the sisters that shared that special time with me every Sunday.

It was amazing!

Around the age of eight I discovered Little Theresa, a beautiful Saint which such passion for Christ I wanted to be like her.  By nine I made my first communion and was craving that deeper, more intense relationship with God.

When I was twelve we moved just outside of Paris to an amazing house built in 1900 with a gigantic yard. We were a short half hour metro ride from Paris so I could easily get together with my friends.  I rode my bike to school every morning and to the nearby park on weekends.  It was a beautiful little island with a lake around it that froze over in the winter.  I loved ice skating there with my friends.

We also changed church.

The main church was in the center of town. It was beautiful but it was different. I didn’t feel God’s presence there in the way I had come to cherish growing up.  The church was full but it was filled with strangers.

My parents taught our Bible study. That was both super cool and a little awkward.

We had an amazing youth Mass on Saturday evenings.  Teens played music and our sermons were more like discussions….  It was great but I missed the spirit filled Masses of my youth.  And…. It was Saturday.  Church was cool but not exactly where I really wanted to be.

Then came college. I moved far away from home and family, all the way across the Atlantic ocean to Vermont.  And yes, I did find a church, walking distance from my campus and I was pretty good about attending Mass every Sunday.

But it felt empty.

I felt like everyone was on auto pilot — going through the motions but not really feeling the presence of God or thinking about the words in our prayers.  And when church was over everyone disappeared fairly quickly.   I didn’t connect with a youth group or other support group and I felt very much alone.

I’d been raised in such a rich church environment that everything else paled in comparison. And at that time I did not know God the way I do now.  Thankfully I felt a stirring deep down that kept me mostly on the right path, but I acted more out of obligation than out of deep, passionate conviction.

As a woman of 49 I now yearn for God.

I cherish my morning prayer time and look forward to attending Mass.

And like my mom before me, I want nothing more than for my daughters to really know God. I want them to be on fire for God!

So when I was asked to review “Bored with God” by Sean Dunn, I said “yes” without hesitation.

About Bored with God — the Book

“Bored with God” is written for parents, pastors, youth ministers, and anyone with a deep desire to keep that fire for God burning in our teens.  The teenage years are difficult years when we start to question just about everything around us and explore new ideas.  It’s an exiting time that can quickly become dangerous if our teens are not well supported in their faith.

Every generation of parents has worried about the current influences that our teens are surrounded with. But at no time do I feel our teens have been more at risk than today.

We live in an age of “instant gratification”.  A digital age that is so fast paced our teens are bombarded with exciting and dangerous ideas on an ongoing basis.  Information is readily available at the touch of a button — Valuable, enriching information as well as dangerous, life threatening information.  Being discerning is key and a skill that most teens have not yet developed strongly.

In “Bored with God” Sean shares his personal story along side others to help us recognize when our teens stray, become numb to God’s word or live a lie — going to church and youth meetings but acting in ways that are not in agreement with their christian values.

He shares simple ways we can use to keep their faith alive and how to make God exciting and inviting to teens who are easily distracted by “the next shiny object”.

More than anything, Sean reminds us of the power of prayer. Yes, the best thing we can do, no matter what, is to get down on our knees and lift our teens up to the Almighty and pray!

The book is easy to read with simple to implement ideas. It is written in a conversational tone that is inviting and clearly communicates the author’s desire to keep our teens in a loving relationship with their Heavenly Father.

It is a wonderful book that should be in the hands of all who want to keep teens on the right path and help fuel a deep and lasting love for Christ in our youth.

About Sean Dunn — the Author

Sean Dunn headshot

Sean Dunn is the voice behind and  He is a gifted and anointed communicator who partners with religious organizations to assist them with camps, conferences, retreats, youth weekends, spiritual emphasis weeks, chapel services, missions training, outreaches, youth ministry, training and consulting, radio programs, television ministry, outreaches and crusades. Sean’s secret in reaching kids and bringing them into a passionate relationship with Christ is his personal testimony. As a young teen he found himself living a lie —  his heart and his actions were odds with one another.


About the organization behind the book

GroundWire/ uses interruption technology such as radio commercials, television commercials, billboards and social media campaigns to reach the millennial generation with the message of salvation.  Millennials are walking past churches, not running to them. It is for that reason that the mission of Groundwire and the Jesus Cares Campaign is so important.  By interrupting their media, we are able to share the message even with those who wouldn’t pursue it. is the only non-profit offering a 24 hour online chat option for millennials. Founder Sean Dunn explains, “By offering a conversation we are able to listen to their pain, point them towards a proper perspective, speak peace into their storm, and ultimately introduce them to Jesus…this year alone over 35,600 people have had an online conversation about Jesus at one of our sites.”

“Bored with God” Giveaway

You can win a copy of this special book for yourself or anyone who is a positive, Christ affirming presence in the life of your teen.  To enter simply answer this question below:

What do you feel is the greatest threat to our teens’ faith today?

Giveaway runs through February 15, 2016.

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  1. This sounds like such a great book for teens who are feeling a disconnect and need something more. I wish there was something like this around when I was younger because I feel like I got nothing out of my religion classes and had something like this to enjoy.

  2. I was reared Catholic but lost my faith a long time ago and am now Atheist. It’s wonderful that you are so strong in your beliefs and seek to instill the same strong faith in your daughters.

  3. This sounds like an excellent resource. We work with teens & engagement can be a struggle.

  4. Spiritual values are sadly lacking in our teens these days. This sounds like a great resource that should be in the hands of all who want to keep teens on the right path .

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