How to Tame Those Whacky Hormones

Have you ever have one of those moments where you just lost it and you had absolutely no idea why?

You feel this insane surge of overwhelming energy course through your body and you just can’t keep it in!

And seconds later you wonder who on earth that woman was that was in the room just moments ago.  You feel as though you’ve just had an out-of-body experience…


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And at the same time you sense a creepy familiarity.

Yes. You’ve been there.

We all have.

And I don’t know a single woman who doesn’t wish it could all just go away.  It’s like we have an evil twin sister that comes out of the closet on that blissful day every month.  And no matter how carefully we track our cycle it always catches us off guard!

And as we get older it keeps on getting worse.

And, yes, we all know the culprit: our HORMONES!!!  EEEEK!

Yes it’s true, we women are blessed, or cursed you might say, with hormones that seem to take over our life once we get past, oh say, 35 years old. Puberty was crazy enough,  but it’s nothing compared to what awaits us as we slowly approach pre-menopause.  And with the added stress of our modern life style, juggling ten things at once every minute of the day on too little sleep, we are often unprepared to handle this shift in a natural and sane way.

I remember the first time I woke up drenched from night sweats.  I had no idea what was going on and assumed I’d had a nightmare but thankfully didn’t remember it.  Then it happened again, even though it was the dead of winter and the ambient temperature was a perfect 68º.  And those lovely hot flashes!  If you have not experienced them yet, you are in for a treat!

The crazy thing is, those symptoms come and go.  And we all experience things differently, at different times.

It’s enough to drive us completely insane!

But there’s hope.   In fact we know so much more about dealing with hormone shifts today that there’s no reason to dread that time anymore.  Here are a few simple steps that you can take to ease the transition and live the best years of your life fully and joyfully:

Step One – You’re not crazy!

Before you can do anything else, just embrace that notion.  You are NOT crazy!  Oh yes hormone imbalances can make you feel like you’re losing your mind, but it’s the hormones talking.  You are still YOU, the same YOU that you have always been, and always will be.  Although I know at times you’ll swear I’m lying, just remember it’s the hormones… and this too shall pass.

Some of my friends have come up with a little key phrase that they repeat to themselves when they feel the wackiness come on.  A few simple words like “I’m not crazy, it’s the hormones”, or “uh-oh, hormones are getting ready for a little play time!”

You may also come up with a signal for your husband and children to let them know it’s best to stay away for a little while.  It’s not easy to keep your cool when you’re “in the moment” so plan ahead.

And if you can “catch” yourself on time, step outside, grab some fresh air and some alone time until you feel that you are back in control of yourself.

Step Two -Do your research

Knowing what to expect is the best way to handle the changes when they come.  As we all know, knowledge is power.  So read books, talk to friends who are going through the process, or already have,  and talk to your doctor.  Whether you prefer a traditional allopathic approach to treatment or a more integrative one, there are many options available today and I know that you will find the right one for you.  I for one prefer the most natural option possible.

Make an appointment with a naturopath, herbalist or other alternative practitioner to find out what solutions they offer that won’t come with some of the side effects of traditional treatments.

Step Three – Investigate different options

From medication to “treat” the symptoms, to hormone therapy, herbs and acupuncture, we have more choices today than ever before.  So do some research and don’t be afraid to try several different treatments until you find one that works for you. And remember, the only thing you can count on is that things will change.  You may be fine for a year and suddenly, things are out of whack again.

Whatever you do, don’t get discouraged and don’t settle for feeling anything but great!

Step Four – Live a healthy and balanced lifestyle!

Isn’t this ultimately the key to vibrant health all around?  Here are simple, natural ways to minimize the impact of hormonal changes:

  • Get plenty of exercise
  • Eat  a healthy diet composed mostly of fresh, whole foods.
  • Choose organic as much as possible – doctors warn about the hormone-disruptive characteristics of many pesticides and preservatives.
  • Avoid Genetically modified and engineered foods, especially soy, corn, and nuts.
  • Get rid of the sugar!
  • Get plenty of sleep

And yes, of course you’ll want to get rid of unhealthy habits — Caffeine, Alcohol…   A cup of coffee a day, green tea, a glass of red wine with dinner.. in moderation, those things are fine, but don’t overdo it.

As for cigarettes, I know, you’re going to quit, someday… soon… need I say more?

Step Five – Relax!

Stress exacerbates everything.  Pray, meditate, indulge in plenty of  “me” time and just relax!

Hormones will do what they have to do, but there is absolutely no reason for them to rob you of the best years of your life.  I’ve got way too much I still want to accomplish and I’m sure you do to.  And with a five year old in tow, I’ve got plenty of running left to do as well.

I’m ready.  Are you?


Take a Look!!

It truly is a fabulous time to be a woman!  We have more opportunities now than ever before and with the attention given to all things female there truly is no reason to live any other way than blissfully.

515mxsLACvL._AA160_And with Dr. Sara Gottfried’s forthcoming book

The Hormone Cure: Reclaim Balance, Sleep, Sex Drive and Vitality Naturally with the Gottfried Protocol

You don’t have to worry about those whacky hormones any more!

Dr. Sara is a mother, a scholar and a seeker.  She is deeply committed to organic green living and suspicious of processed sugar. Who would argue with that!!  She is also a gynecologist and firm believer in integrative medicine who is passionate about helping women thrive no matter what stage of life they are in.

Her mission through her work and in life, is to help women feel sexy, vital and balanced from their cells to their souls.

And she has just written  a life-changing book that hits the bookstores in just about 3 weeks.  In her new book The Hormone Cure, Dr. Sara shares everything you need to know to be in complete control and embrace the changes in your life like never before.

So if you are ready to feel rejuvenated and conquer those mood swings once and for all, then pre-order your copy of Dr. Sara’s new book and get ready for the best you ever!

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  1. Hmmm, not looking forward to this… Can I just stop aging now?

    • It’s really not that bad Jeri! You just need to learn to age gracefully! I feel so alive at 46, I am loving life!! And grateful to have the energy to share magic moments with my girls. I am more in tune with my body now than ever, which I believe is key to treating it well and staying healthy! Enjoy the journey, it’s beautiful!! 🙂

  2. LOL great post, this just made me chuckle! I am in my early twenties so luckily I haven’t reached this stage in my life yet, but I remember when my mother went through menopause our house was a loony bin 24/7! Too bad I didn’t have this article when that was happening!

    • Enjoy your twenties Morgan!! What a fun time. Not that I’m complaining about my forties, I feel more alive now than ever and can still keep up with my girls with most of the things they do.. Hormones can do some of the whackiest things to us, but we know more today than ever before and there are many natural ways to keep things balanced.

  3. Great advice about repeating the mantra when you feel the crazy come on. I am not nearing menopause yet, but my birth control severely messes with my hormones. I have been on and off it, tried different types, and tried to figure things out but ultimately in the end I feel the same sort of crazy. Whenever I feel myself losing grip, I do the same thing. I repeat to myself that it is just the hormones making me act or think in a certain way and once I can get past that, I can generally calm myself down.

    • I feel for you Mary, but Kudos on being able to control your “crazies”. That’s no easy task! Birth control pills can indeed wreak havoc with your system. It’s not as easy as we think to find the right one. There are so many things that can influence the way you react, including your diet and especially your sleep. If you haven’t already you may want to talk to a naturopath to explore other options.

  4. Aging is a process that can not be stopped. What can be is how you react to your whacky hormones. It happens to even the best of us!!! 🙂

    • So true Susan! And isn’t that the reality in every situation, whether it be hormones, relationships, our health… we can’t control every situation but we can ALWAYS control our response and how we CHOOSE to handle it. Aging gracefully and keeping a positive attitude, along with our sense of humor, is what it’s all about. 🙂

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