Life a Bed of Roses?

By Janet Mueller

If life were like a bed of roses what would that look like to you?

The reality is of course that life just isn’t always a bed of roses, although we do have a choice in how we choose to view our life. I used to have a friend who would constantly complain about everything. Always talking in a negative way, downing herself and other people too. I’d find myself not wanting to spend time with her because I got so tired of always hearing bad news. She’d always complain and find reasons not to do something or make excuses as to why she hadn’t done something. We all know or have known a “Negative Nellie”. So one day I asked her why she seemed so disgruntled with life.

Surely life wasn’t that bad was it? There must be something she could be grateful for or happy about I thought. She said life hadn’t been fair and that she’d always got the short end of the stick no matter how hard she tried.

So I asked her what she felt grateful for there must be something that she felt an ounce of happiness or peace about. After a few moments she said, ” Well, I suppose I’d have to say I’m grateful for my health”. “Wow, that is a whole lot to be grateful for…” I said, as her eyes widened. I told her I thought she was very blessed indeed and that there are lots people who wished they could say that they had good health.

There are times in all our lives that we may feel like we have every reason to whine, complain, or get down about things. Life is not perfect. There are people that no matter what they go through, no matter how difficult things get, or how hard times might be they somehow seem to always have a smile on their face, they express their gratitude and speak of blessings. Their life isn’t all a bed of roses; but they just choose to not complain about it. Instead they choose to focus on what’s good and see things more positively. They take action and focus on trying to make whatever is displeasing to them, pleasing instead. They are humble and trust in a higher source, God.

Even when life doesn’t seem like a bed of roses. Focus on what’s working well, what blessings you have, the good things in life. Whatever you choose to focus on most of the time, you shall have more of. We all have a choice, we can focus on good or bad. If you want more goodness in your life, more blessings, notice the ones you already have.

While life might not always be a bed of roses, take time to stop and smell the petals you have, they become bouquet’s. No matter what is happening in your life I am certain you have things you can be grateful for. So seriously, I encourage you to count your blessings!

A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. – Proverbs 17:22 (NIV)

Write down three things right away that you are grateful for, the blessing in your life.

Here are mine:

1. God

2. Family

3. Health

Please share your blessings below and remember to let the people who make your life beautiful know how grateful your are for their presence in your life!

About The Author:
Janet I Mueller is the founder of Leadership In Excellence Academy. She is a life coach, business development consultant, speaker, author of A Champion’s Guide To Thriving Beyond Breast Cancer, and advocate for women’s issues. Janet is blessed to have coached, and helped women for more than 20 years in their personal and professional lives.

Keep in touch with Janet on her Facebook page at: and her website at

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