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There are key moments in your life when you know you are on the cusp of something big, something truly magical, something life changing.

The moment when you realize all the hard work you have put towards something meaningful to you is well worth the effort.  The realization that no matter what happens next, your life is never going be the same.

This past weekend was such a moment for me.


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I was at Author 101, an important publishing seminar, and spent three of the most amazing days with a group of authors, aspiring authors, literary agents, publishers and mentors. What a privilege to share the weekend with so many truly exceptional people. Amazing people with inspiring stories, and a determination to touch people’s lives in a positive way… each aiming to share their stories so that others may grow from them.

When you are in a room filled with people like this, you feel energized and empowered.

And you know that dreams, no matter how big or small, can and do come true.
You just have to keep the faith and keep on dreaming.  And yes, you must also be willing to take risks, seize opportunity, and take the ride.

I’ve always been a dreamer.  When I was a little girl I’d spend hours playing out scenarios in my head of great things I would accomplish. I did not have a career in mind, but I knew I wanted to help people. I knew I wanted to keep children from suffering. I wanted, and still do, to live in a world filled with love, joy, and magic. A world where children are confident and excited about each new day. Where kids are safe and filled with joy. I knew this with all my heart.

As a Mom, I strive to inspire my girls to become everything that they can be.  To dream big, and never ever doubt that dreams do indeed come true. I want my girls to live a life of purpose, a life filled with joy and love, a life that will make them happy.  I want my  girls to touch the lives of people all around them, and to know they have left a positive imprint on this beautiful Earth of ours. I want my daughters to live out the life that God intends for them in all its glory… to make me proud, but most importantly, make themselves proud of their lives. That is what I yearn for them, every single day, with all my heart.

The best way that I can teach, nurture, and inspire my daughters to live this special life is to live my life in this way.

But how do we know? How can we measure? Which metric assures us we are doing it right, so we really-truly know that we are living our dream by living our life “on purpose” and with purpose.

Lead With Your Heart

Does your life feel like it’s filled with magic? Do you feel that little skip in your heart when you think about the day that lays ahead? Are there nights you just can’t sleep because you’re so excited about tomorrow and what it will bring?

Living our purpose fills us with immeasurable joy.  It makes us feel excited and vibrantly alive.

The most beautiful part of this is; when you are filled with happiness people around you notice and respond.  A smile begets another smile.

You are on the right track when chores and work do not feel like burdens.  When our days are filled with things and people we love, days that uplift us and nourish our very soul, those day flies by!  Tune into your heart and take time to breathe and relish those sacred moments, that’s when you know you are right where you need to be. That’s when you’re certain you are doing exactly what you have been called to do.

Time To Trust Your Gut

Women have great intuition, but all too often we ignore it and get into our heads. We try to analyze everything, straining to make sense out of what we are feeling, when we should stick with our trusty instincts and go with the flow. Sound familiar?

Learn to let go and trust your gut. This is so important in any situation. Relax and trust your gut, even if you can’t explain why.  Learning to trust our intuition is so freeing and more often than not, our intuition is right on. When we look inward trust ourselves we save ourselves mountains of grief.

I’ve not always been good at that myself, but when I do the rewards are always great. By the same token, when I ignore what I am feeling, especially if I’m getting a feeling that I should not be heading down a certain path, I always wish I had trusted my instincts.

Recognize The Signs

Have you ever wondered if you had made the right decision and then you got a “sign“?

Something happens, or someone tells you something, that ‘magically’ answers your question? Or have you stumbled on a photo, or article, that is just what you need right then and there?

My life has been filled with such events in the past year! So wonderful. I am constantly reminded, and amazed, when ‘just the right person’ comes into my life at ‘just the right time’.  This has been a year of tremendous growth for me.  I’ve taken a big leap of faith and launched on a completely new path.  Yet every time I’ve had a doubt, or have felt frustrated because things weren’t moving along, I’ve had an unmistakable sign to prove to me I am indeed on the right path and reassure me that all is good.

When I pay attention to signs I receive valuable messages. All of these signs cannot be coincidence. I’ve opened my Bible at just the right verse, or connected with someone who opened a new door for me. The more I trust, the more signs I receive, and the better and better life gets.

Truly the best gift that we can give our children is to live our lives with passion and purpose – to follow our dreams.  If we put our dreams on hold while we raise our children we deprive our kids of the best Mom we can be.  To follow our dreams, wherever they take us, is to inspire children to do the same, and live their lives with passion, fulfillment, and joy.

Are you living your dream? I hope and pray that you are… or if not today, someday soon. What is your dream? Follow your heart and you’ll be amazed… because it will soon become your reality.


  1. What a super, great inspiring article!

  2. This post reminds me of a mother’s saying my friend posted earlier. “Your children will become who you are; so be who you want them to be.”

  3. This is such a great post. I can relate to last couple of paragraphs VERY well. I want to expand my blog into some sort of a business but I feel like I can’t because I have 17 month old. I struggle with devoting time to realizing this dream I have and being away from my daughter. Thank you for this post.

    • What a blessing Karen! I remember those early years with such joy! Everything is new and exciting. I encourage you to follow your dreams and pursue the things that are meaningful to you, not only because you will be setting the right example for your daughter, but you will be more fully available to her if you yourself are fulfilled. One of the tings that helped me find that balance when my oldest who is now 15 was born, is the understanding that my time away from her was precious. It’s important to “disconnect” from your baby when you apply yourself to your work, be it your blog, or something else, so that you are completely focused on that part of your life for the hour or two that you devote to it. If you work while your baby sleeps, she won’t miss you and you need to trust that she’ll be fine for a prolonged period of time. With my second, I also learned the importance of “alone” time for her while she was awake. I was nearby but she had the freedom to explore her world on her own. It teaches her independence and gives you a little freedom as well. In the end, enjoy your time with your little one. Time goes by so quickly and you have plenty of time to expand your business when she starts preschool 😉 Best of luck and please reach out if I can be of support to you in any way!

  4. I dream of one day being able to help others improve their lives with my writing. I believe that dreams do come true if you believe in them and I will always teach my future kids that lesson. I love your positive attitude and I bookmarked this post. 🙂

    • Thank you Shaun! What a beautiful and noble dream you have! Writing is such a powerful way to touch others. Stories are what connect us all. Yes dreams really do come true!! Hold fast to them and pursue them with all your heart. You have the right mindset 🙂 I wish you all the best.

  5. Hi Valerie, as I read your post, I felt that I could connect with what you wrote. While I’m not exactly doing (full time) what I think is “my purpose”, I am happy. Here you wrote: You are on the right track when chores and work do not feel like burdens.When our days are filled with things and people we love, days that uplift us and nourish our very soul, those day flies by! Tune into your heart and take time to breathe and relish those sacred moments, that’s when you know you are right where you need to be. That’s when you’re certain you are doing exactly what you have been called to do.
    I know that I am happy and surrounded by people I love, and I don’t mind my chores anymore, and I even like my day job–love it even!! While I don’t think it’s my intended purpose, part of me wonders, especially after reading this post, maybe I’m missing it, and I really am doing what I need to be doing. ANd just now I had the thought, maybe this isn’t what I will ALWAYs be doing, but it’s part of that journey, and that’s why I’m happy with it!
    Thanks for helping me to recognize the sign that I am on the right track. 🙂

    • How beautiful Bethany! Yes life is a journey, and though I believe we all have a greater purpose, the way we serve or fulfill our destiny changes as we travel through this journey. It does sound like you are exactly where you need to be right now, by the way you share the joy you feel as you go through your day. That is something to celebrate! It is a part of a bigger whole, that will become clear to you as your journey continues.

      You are blessed to find comfort and happiness in every aspect of our day. And remember it’s all about today, the day at hand, as long as you are living it fully and joyfully you are doing what you should. So relish and when the time comes for something new, something bigger perhaps, more aligned with the deeper dream of your heart, you will know 🙂

  6. Thank you for the uplifting and wonderful perspective. It’s easy to forget that we’re always showing our kids how to live.

    • You are welcome Debra. My girls are a great sounding board and for that I am grateful. I remember wondering about the way one of my daughter’s stood while in conversation with a friend one day, thinking ” where did she learn that?” And almost before the words were out of my mouth, I realized I was standing the exact same way! They imitate everything! Our gestures, our tone of voice, and our attitudes! In that way they also become our greatest teachers 😉

  7. Thanks for such an inspiring post Valerie. Positivity and inspiration are within us all the time, but we are often so caught up in the details of everyday life we just can’t see it. Good for you:-)

  8. Abby Shroka says:

    This article was so inspiring and exactly what I needed today. Many things spoke to me, but one thing in particular was this: “you know you’re on the right track when chores and work don’t seem like a burden.” That is such an insightful way of measuring whether or not you’re on the right track.

    • Thank you Abby! The best part of feeling joyful when doing your chores or work is the way you impact everyone around you. I was at Trader Joe’s last night getting a few things for dinner, and one of the workers came by with a skip in his step, humming a happy tune! You can’t help but smile when someone like that walks by 🙂

  9. What an inspirational post! For me, there is a discord between what I am doing now, and what I want to be doing. I’m working toward what I want to be doing, and some days are better than others. The little victories keep me going. I also know that my situation now is part of the journey. Will probably come back to this post when I need a little boost! Thanks!

    • Crystal you are on the right path and have the right mindset and I’m sure you will succeed! Awareness is the first step to victory. At the end of your day, write down 5 things you have done that are moving you closer to your goal.. Little victories are wonderful and you are wise to celebrate them. If I can support you in anyway please do not hesitate to reach out to me. Enjoy the journey! Every day offers new possibilities 🙂

  10. Sometimes “us mums” get so wrapped up in the routine of day-to-day, we miss looking at our children to actually see who they are. This article reminds us to be the best we can be for ourselves – but also for our children. Lovely reminder – thank you.

    • You are welcome Lindsay! It is so easy to miss the simple things because we juggle so much! Finding joy in the most mundane of tasks can lift our spirits and contaminate those around us 🙂

  11. What a terrific post, Valerie. So inspirational and encouraging.

    We all need that encouragement to keep us going. I launched a fundraising campaign a few days ago to help support of my upcoming chocolate book and get so encouraged when anyone shows support. We ned to realize that even the smallest gesture or sign of encouragement can make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

    • Thank you Doreen! I wish you all the best with your fundraising and more than anything, bringing your project to life! It sounds simply delicious and I look forward to savoring it with you! 😉

  12. What a beautiful inspirational piece:) May you and your girls touch many lives.

  13. This is really great. A very positive and inspiring article for all of us. It is a great reminder that we should live our lives with love, joy and purpose. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Very inspiring post. Dreams do have a purpose in life. Let us dream big and do not be afraid to pursue them. I enjoyed reading your post, thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Lynne! It’s so easy to get discouraged but if we surround ourselves with the right people and get rid of the nay sayers in our lives we truly can achieve whatever we set out little hearts to! Enjoy the journey!!!

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