Lots of Lunchbox Ideas

The New School Year is upon us and as with any New Year it is a time of new beginnings.  A time to clean the slate and start a new.  To make up where we might have fallen short and build on past successes.

It is also a time of mixed emotions — excitement with a dose of anxiety, anticipation and a dash of dread.

And for parents who send their children to school with a home made lunch, whether once a week or each and every day, a time that requires a lot more planning  to ensure these lunches are delicious, balanced and nutritious.  This becomes and even greater challenge if you are the lucky parent of a picky eater.

I’m exciting to be a feature guest for a special segment of “Foodie Talk with Chef John and Anne” devoted entirely to finding new options for the lunchbox! You can listen to the replay below.


Can you ever have too many lunch box ideas?

I certainly don’t think so.  With 15 lunches a week to prepare coming up with new, enticing meals each and every day can become a bit challenging.  I am a mom committed to feeding my daughters healthy, balanced and nutritious meals, but the last thing I want is the serve them the same old thing each and every day.  Keeping lunches exciting and fresh is the best way to help them stay committed to their own healthy nutrition.


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  1. I know my daughter goes crazy coming up with ideas to put in my grandson’s lunch box. Jake is very picky and it hard to come up with ideas for him. The one thing he does like apples with peanut butter, but how many times a week can you add that food. She makes his lunch first thing in the morning. Thought these were good ideas and I have sent your link to my daughter.

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