Neocell Collagen Sports Ultimate Recovery – Review and Giveaway


When it comes to optimizing the results of our workouts, proper nutrition is essential.

Most health and fitness experts recommend we eat a protein rich food within half an hour to two hours of our workout. This helps provide essential nutrients our muscles need to repair the damage caused by exercise.  My food of choice is a protein smoothie. I find I don’t have much appetite for a real meal after a workout but I enjoy sipping a delicious recovery smoothie.

I’m always testing new protein powders to use for my shakes and was happy to sample and review Neocell’s Collagen Ultimate Sports Recovery drink.

This drink comes in two delicious flavors, French Vanilla and Belgian Chocolate. I received the Belgian Chocolate for review from Neocell. All opinions are my own.


Why Collagen?

The collagen is what makes this recovery drink different from other popular brands.

1 scoop of Necoell Collagen Ultimate Sports Recovery provides a wealth of vitamins and mineral as well as

  • 15 grams Pure Ion-Exchange Whey Protein Isolate
  • 15 grams Super Collagen™ Bioavailable Peptides

Collagen, is a protein we produce naturally and it is in fact what makes up most of the protein structure in our body.   It is a “network-like tissue structure that ties everything together — your cells, your skin, your bones and joints. [] In other words collagen is what keeps us from falling apart.  Without collagen we’d have no bones, muscles, skin…

As we age our production of collagen decreases. We see this though wrinkles and sagging skin or feel it through pain in our joints, arthridis and osteoporosis.

Exercise also depletes our natural collagen supply. When we engage in a fitness activity we ask our muscles to work in a way or at an intensity that is not the norm for us. This causes microtears to all the tissues involved. This is why we will feel sore 24 to 48 hours after an intense workout. The harder we push, the greater the number of tears and the more depleted our collagen stores. As our body repairs these micro tears our muscles become stronger, which is of course one of the ultimate goals of exercising.  If our collagen levels are too low, this repair process is impaired.


Easy to use and delicious!

I have tried many different protein powders and this one is by far one of my favorites.

  • It dissolves easily in water or other beverage of your choice. I use almond or coconut milk.
  • It tasted great! – Unlike many protein powders and other nutrition supplements this sports drink is not sweetened with Stevia. I personally can’t stand the taste of stevia and will detect it in any product that uses it as a sweetener so I was thrilled about this.  Xylitol, an alcohol based plant derived sweetener,  is used instead and it leaves no bitter after taste whatsover.
  •  It works!  I decided to put this drink to the test by doing one of my hardest BURST workout and pushing through it. I knew I would be massively sore within two days.  But I wasn’t!  Was it too good to be true?  I decided to test it once again, this time with one of my crazy abs workouts and went all out.   No massive pain 2 days later!  That was then clincher for me — I felt amazing and ready to do it again 🙂



Nothing but good stuff!

If you know me you know how picky I am about the foods I eat. If a protein powder or other supplement is derived from GM ingredients it nullifies any positive effects this supplement might have and I don’t use it.

Neocell’s Collagen Ultimate Sports Recovery is certified to be free of :

  • Gluten
  • Sugar
  • Lactose
  • Artificial flavors
  • Synthetic ingredients

Pretty good?  Yes, but still not god enough for me. I could not find any information about the source of the whey protein itself so I contacted my rep and …

I was over the moon!!!

I was assured Neocell’s Collagen Ultimate Sports Recovery whey protein is from cows who are:

  • Farm raised
  • Free range
  • Grass fed

Woohoo! Now you know why I am so excited about this product. 🙂

You can find out more about this product and the full line of Neocell Collagen products on their website at

Are you ready to feel the benefits of this wonder drink for yourself?


One lucky Scrumptious Moms reader will receive a 1 month supply (3lbs) of Neocell Collagen Ultimate Sports Recovery in the flavor of your choice.

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Giveaway open to US residents 18 years and above only.  Winner may choose between Belgian Chocolate or French Vanilla
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  1. I like that it dissolves quickly. That is a big one for me. Sounds like something I could drink!

  2. Don’t mind drinking the dietary supplements as long as they taste good and work. Seems like you have found one that did. Thank you for sharing.

  3. It’s tricky to find a product where the side effects don’t outweigh the positives. This sounds like a great choice, especially since its ingredients are safer.

    • There are a lot of products out there that really don’t make sense to me Crystal because they contain ingredients that are toxic and undo any good that organic ingredients bring. I’ve learned to read past the labels and do a little research to find out what really goes into a product. I don’t always find the answers but I figure if it’s too hard to find, the product is probably not up to my standards. Enjoy!

  4. This is my husband’s favorite brand. Thank you for the giveaway.

  5. Hmm, maybe I could give this a try. I could use it.

  6. This might be a good way to supplement before workouts. My kids will definitely be interested in this.

    • It’s a great supplement to any workout Liz, though I personally use this after my workouts rather than before. Proper nutrition is as important after, to provide your muscles with the proper fuel to rebuild, as it is before. I hope your kids love it 🙂

  7. Stephanie Keeping says:

    This would be great for my husband.

  8. I’ve been looking for a new shake to pair with my workout routine. I’ll have to look into this more closely.

  9. I have been drinking a protein shake almost daily for the last month. I feel great and have more energy overall. It’s important to vet the ingredients label but it sounds like this is a good one!

    • I drink a protein shake almost daily as well Kim, and have been doing so for over a year now and LOVE the way it makes me feel. You are absolutely right about vetting the ingredients and any product we use. There are so many options and no reason to use any product that does not meet my strict requirements. A protein shake is only as good as the ingredients that it is made from and I am especially concerned about how the cows are raised with a whey protein based product. This passed my test 🙂

  10. The ingredient list looks good and I am always looking for something that can fulfill my protein needs and also give me a boost! Like the quick dissolve I hate when shakes don’t blend well.

    • I completely agree with you Avry, I don’t care for a powder that does not dissolve well and leaves a gritty texture. This one is nice and smooth and delicious. The collagen gives it a milk shake-like feel as well making it that much more fun to use.

  11. This is packed full of good stuff! I’m so bad about drinking/eating the right stuff after a workout.

    • I would make that one of your New Year’ resolutions Melissa. If you make the time to work out but don’t insist on proper nutrition and hydration you’re working against yourself and really not getting the most out of your workouts… Eating the right recovery foods makes you feel so much better it’s easier to stay committed.

  12. I use collagen daily for recovery as well! Neocell is a great product. Before I developed a whey sensitivity I used this exact product!

  13. I love that it’s gluten free.

  14. the health benefits make me most eager to try it

  15. Your review on not being sore is what makes me want to try it. I also like that it’s lactose free, because taking lactase pills gets old and often ends my relationship with protein drinks.

    • Not being sore despite the intensity of my workout was pretty convincing for me as well Annette. I’m pretty good about staying hydrated and making sure I get a good source of protein after a workout but I had never experienced something like this before. Good luck!

  16. The down time needed for recovery amazes me! I am so surprised you had no pain after some extreme workouts! I need to get myself back in a routine & I think Neocell Collagen Sports Ultimate Recovery would help give me that extra boost and drive to stick with my plan, plus no soreness (or minimal)! woo hoo!

    • I was pretty shocked about the “no pain” results as well Ashley, and quite pleased about them. I’ve used a whey protein based recovery drink for years as I know the importance of collagen when it comes to muscle repair. Neocell took that into consideration when they formulated this recovery complex and it helps 🙂 Mind you I am careful about the other important aspects of recovery including rest and proper hydration.

  17. robyn donnelly says:

    I think the fact that I’m aging makes me hesitate. I would really like to try first before I buy and need a little time for it to prove itself before any major decisions made.

    • I love being able to sample a product before committing to buy Robyn. There are many good options on the market and sampling them is really the only way to determine what works best for you personally.

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