Raising Breast Cancer Awareness with Aftershokz Pink Trekz Headphones

Aftershoz #awarewithpink campaing title image
It is with a heavy heart that I write this post.

When I was invited to participate in a special campaign to raise awareness about breast and ovarian cancers, and review the new Pink Titanium Trekz headphones, I had  no idea how timely it would be… Nor how hard this piece would be to write…

I felt honored and excited.

As you know I love everything pink and these headphones are the most beautiful addition to my workout gear 🙂

Pink Aftershokz Headphones with gym gear

I’m also a huge fan of innovative design, especially when it keeps women healthy and safe.

And God knows far too many of my friends and family members have battled breast cancer for me to be naive about the devastating impact of this vicious diseases.

And yet, here I am, nearly a month late with my post.

I’ve tried for weeks to write but words have seemed so trivial… so shallow…

I needed time to process …

Time to accept …

Time to grieve …

You see until now every single one of the women I’ve known to battle breast cancer has come out victorious.

Time and again I’ve been awed by the strength of these women.

My mom’s cousin has faced this battle twice and she has astounded us all with the grace with which she has handled it.  I saw her just a few months after she had completed her chemo for the second tumor which had reared its ugly head ten years after her first battle with breast cancer.  You never would have guessed how sick she had been just months before!  As is often the case she ended up with uterine cancer as well because of the chemo.  But her story has a happy ending.

That is not the case with my beautiful friend Jacqueline.  She passed away in August after a brief but fierce battle with breast cancer, just weeks after her forty second birthday.  Her death hit me hard.  She is one of the strongest women I have ever known and we were so sure she was going to win this fight. God knows she tried! She was a ruthless warrior to the bitter end. Please take a moment to read her story and hold her and her family in your heart and prayers.

Cancer is a merciless beast and every woman who has faced it or is in currently in the battle of her life, deserve my outmost respect.

You truly are heroes, each and every  one of you!

As I honor you, I want to give a special shout out to companies who engage in the battle against breast and ovarian cancers alongside with all of us.  Far too many companies will take advantage of October to boost sales through a pink offering of some sort while not actually contributing to the battles against cancer in any real way.

Aftershokz is different.

Quite frankly I was not familiar with the company until I was invited by the Sweatpink community to review their Limited Edition Pink Titanium Trekz headphones and participate in a month long #AwareWithPink campaign.

Not only have I discovered a product I absolutely love, I’ve come to appreciate a company committed to making a difference — by creating innovative products and by financially supporting organizations such as BrighPink that are leading the way in saving lives from breast and ovarian cancers by empowering women of all ages to live proactively.

5 Things I Love about Aftershokz Pink Titanium Trekz headphones

I received a pair of Pink Titanium Trekz headphones from Aftershokz to facilitate this review in partnership with Sweatpink. The opinions I share below are all mine 🙂

Gorgeous Color!

Let’s just get this one out of the way…

It is not the defining factor by any stretch of the imagination, but I absolutely love the color of this limited edition Trekz headphone! Yes I am a bit of a pink fanatic and this is my all time favorite pink! It’s BOLD and BEAUTIFUL and FIERCELY FEMINE!

And such a beautiful way to honor and support our mighty warriors.

Innovative Design

I love the design of these headphones!

Trekz is a titaniumm wrap around headset that uses bone conduction technology and “delivers music through your cheekbones, ensuring ears remain completely open to hear ambient sounds.”

They are flexible and fit nicely around the back of my head even when I’m wearing a hat.

They are so lightweight I quickly forget I’m wearing them.  They also stay in place no matter what I’m doing, including when I am spinning upside down on the trapeze of lyra 🙂

Hitting the trails with Aftershokz Pink TitaniumTrekz

Hitting the trails with Aftershokz Pink Titanium Trekz headphones – Photo credit: Christiana Greene

Easy to Use

When I first received my headphones all I had to do was charge them for a couple of hours and pair them with my phone and off I was.  I did  not have to recharge them for more than week 🙂

Everything that comes with Aftershokz trekz


Superior Sound

I have to admit, when I was a little skeptical about the sound quality of these headphones when I first put them on. I thought there was no way I would get really crisp, clean sound out of a headphone that is worn in front of the ear rather than over or in the ear.  Well let me tell you I was more than pleasantly surprise!

The sound is Ah-Ma-Zing!

Seriously, you get the full spectrum of sound and it’s a nice rounded, full sound.

Whether you’re listening to opera, contemporary music or your favorite podcast, you’ll get the full range of sound, including “including wide dynamic range and rich bass”.

After a 3 mile run in the hills I found the perfect tree to retire for a quiet moment, connected to God in a special way, uplifting tunes bringing a little peace to my weary soul, as I mourned my beautiful friend who’d passed away just days before…

Treetop peace with Pink Trekz titanium headphones -

Enjoying a peaceful moment from a tree top – Photo credit: Christiana Greene

Committed to Keeping Me Safe

This is by far my favorite thing about these headphones and Aftershokz as a company. I can’t tell you how often I cringe when I see women exercising with earbuds blasting music in their ears, fully disconnected from the world around them.

I love to workout with music! Music is a powerful motivator but I won’t do it at the expense of my safety.

running with Pink Aftershokz -

6 am run in the hills with November Project LAX – Photo credit: Christiana Greene

I love to run, especially on dirt trails in the hills.  It’s empowering and a beautiful way to destress and refill my cup. as I take in the beauty all around me.

As much as I love to run with music I seldom do because I know how important it is for me to stay aware of my surroundings. I don’t want anyone creeping up on me and catching me off guard. I don’t want to be surprised by a coyote or mountain lion either and yes, I have had a coyote my path before.

These headphones don’t shut the world out so I can enjoy my favorite tunes and stay connected at the same time. I can even carry a conversation with my favorite running buddy 🙂

There is No Time Like the Present!

Aftershokz Aware with Pink 25% offer

If you don’t already own a pair of these amazing headphones don’t delay!

For every unit sold through October 31st, 2016 on aftershokz.com, AfterShokz will donate 25% of proceeds to Bright Pink – a non profit that focuses on breast and ovarian cancer awareness and education.

A little bit about Bright Pink

Bright Pink is a non-profit I’ve discovered thanks to this special partnership and I invite you to check them out as they are truly committed to making a difference and empowering all of us women to do everything we can to combat breast and ovarian cancer.  It all starts with education and prevention and they offer phenomenal resources to guide you through the process.

Make sure to visit their website and if you feel so inclined, support their mission with a financial gift as well.

Together we can make a HUGE difference in the fight against breast and ovarian cancers!

So spread the word… share this post, join our Instagram #AwareWithPink challenge now through the end of October 🙂



  1. Oh I love aftershokz headphones! They have to be the prettiest most versatile headphones I have ever seen! And pink for breast cancer awareness. WinWin!

  2. I have never heard of these before!! I love that they are donating to breast cancer and of course love the pink color!

  3. Oooh I want these! I’ve never tried this brand before. I love that they are pink for breast cancer awareness!!

    • You’re going to love them Leah! I love that the pink is a limited edition specifically for breast cancer and that they give 25% to Bright Pink, an organization that is making a real difference 🙂

  4. Kim Croisant says:

    Pink is everything this month!!! I do like how they land on your head and not on top of your head. I bet these are comfy, and I would love a pair.

  5. Aw gorgeous photos, tributes, and delightful to read – such an inspiration!! <3

  6. Amber Ludwig says:

    Beautiful cause and awesome headphones!! I really love pink anything so Im sold on these!!

  7. Nancy Burgess says:

    Nice headphones and for a great cause.

    • I absolutely LOVE these headphones Nancy, and am so grateful that Aftershokz is doing their part in raising awareness and keeping women educated about the need to remain proactive in our fight against breast and ovarian cancers.

  8. Terry Poage says:

    These look like great headphones and for a great cause.

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