Scrumptious Mom Julie Muller – September 2012

Julie Muller, 43, has been married to her scrumptious hubby TJ for 14 years and is the proud mother of 11 year old twin boys.  Born and raised in Portland Oregon, Julie is high energy, creative, resourceful and more than anything, loves helping people.

A self proclaimed “workaholic”, Julie has officially been working since she was 11 years old.  She spent the majority of her adult work life in the public education system,  teaching Elementary, Middle and High School.  After returning to school to get her Masters in Administration she became an Elementary School Principal.

Life was good and fulfilling until her twin boys came along.

When her boys turned 2, Julie felt she was missing out on too much working full time, and could not give her boys the attention they deserved. She longed for a way to support her family while spending most her precious time with her kids. Then she figured it out.

She left public education and officially became an entrepreneur.  She discovered a lifestyle that suited her personality and character much better than any work environment she’d known before.

This is where she began to really thrive.

Julie is a busy bee who loves to invent creative solutions for just about everything.  In 2004 she launched Peace Of Mind, a Professional Organizing Business through which she helps clients skyrocket their productivity in their homes and offices.

A year later, Julie began selling closets for a franchise called The Closet Factory and soon became one of their Million Dollar Sales Associates.

“Organization” was showing itself as an underlying ‘theme’ in Julie’s life.Through her various endeavors it became clear that Julie had a gift for helping people organize their lives as much as their physical space — and in 2006 she added coaching to her repertoire with a program called,

Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction.

Julie is passionate about business, connecting and creating, and in 2010 she launched Chicks Connect, a Mastermind Support Network for women.

Here’s what Julie has to say about launching Chicks Connect:

“Chicks Connect was not something that I had planned on creating.  I had received a prompting that I needed to connect with women once I moved back to Portland.  I ignored it for some time.  The tapping grew louder and I responded with setting up a coffee meeting.  I ran the meeting with an agenda, a lesson and I asked how we could support the women in the group personally as well as professionally and they wanted more.  By the next meeting I found myself saying that I needed to excuse myself from the group and open up Chicks Connect worldwide.  This was a gift from God and I was the one to create it.  Powerful stuff.”

Despite a variety of business ventures, and her success, Julie and her family were hit hard by the economy.  Rather than become a family of victims, they chose to turn an uncontrollable situation into the opportunity of a lifetime.  In February 2012, the Mullers sold everything they owned, purchased a motor home, and embarked on the adventure of a lifetime.

That’s where owning your own business and having the ability to work from anywhere can truly be an asset!

Julie is road schooling her boys, and starting Chicks Connect chapters in cities across the US, sharing her passion for connection with women of all walks of life.  She conducts her coaching sessions via Skype, and phone, and continues creating new ideas to enable people to live more fulfilling lives.

The greatest challenge Julie faces today, in the tight confines of her motor home, is the much needed “me” time.

“Being a working mom, I have felt in the past that I needed to spend all of my non working time with my family.  I know that this isn’t the well balanced thing to do.  So I schedule in “me” time in order to make it happen. I also find that I get a lot of “me” time when I go to conventions for work.”

For Julie and her family, life is too precious to sit and wait for better things to happen. It’s also a bad message to send to our children. Where others may see obstacles, Julie and family see possibilities, and in doing so live a balanced and very fulfilling life.

Julie’s Secret for living the Scrumptious Life?

“The biggest secret that I can share is to LOVE YOURSELF UP!  I am also in recovery  and spent my younger years hating myself and about 13 years ago decided to learn to love myself again. By loving yourself, you have the confidence and ability to lead your family.  Be an example to them of a happy, fulfilled woman.  Also, spend time with your kids.  Get to know them.  Be open and honest with them and let them share openly with you so that they feel safe and supported in their feelings.”

Julie followed her vision and it’s taken her to places she’s never dreamed before… Where will your journey take you?


  1. Wow! What an honor to be your featured Scrumptious Mom. I truly have a Scrumptious family and Scrumptious support network and I am blessed to be a part of your community. You are changing lives with your Scrumptious educational and FUN platform. Thank you for showing up in the world and sharing all of your beautiful GIFTS.
    Hugs my friend.

  2. Great story! We see in the world what we focus on. By focusing on opportunity, family, and love you have been able to overcome some big obstacles and create an amazing life. Kudos to you and your family Julie!

  3. Thank you so much Lisa!! I appreciate your feedback and your support! Hugs to YOU!

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