Scrumptious Mom Kristy Beauvais – October 2012

42 year old Kristy Beauvais is the proud mom of two scrumptious little girls; nine year-old Gabbi and two and a half year-old Brodie. She and her husband Paul are co-founders of FOCUSfish, a California non-profit, through which they bring the magic of circus and aerial sports to children and adults of all walks of life.

Kristy is passionate about health, fitness and living a balanced life.

She lives by this simple principles:

“Honesty in everything you do… including what you eat and how often you MOVE…”

Kristy’s childhood was not all fun and games.  She grew up in an abusive household in Slidell, Louisiana, a small community across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans, and suffered from epilepsy and Anxiety.  She found solace and hope in dance and performance. Trained in ballet and Jazz, she left for the Big Apple at the age of 17, armed with a scholarship, to dance at NYU’s Tisch School of the Performing Arts.  This was just the beginning of a wonderful adventure in the world of performing arts… and the journey that led her to LA and the creation of FOCUSFish.

“I met my husband in 1999 when the egg of an idea was growing in my soul, a
concept that was merely a “catch phrase” before it became a MOVEMENT. I was
teaching at Lee Strasberg Theatre and running the Youth Summer Theatre program
when a bunch of unruly camp kids got a dose of my ANGRY. I yelled “FOCUS” and
then realized the kids are 6 yrs old and probably won’t respond to my anger unless I
get their attention in a way that will inspire them to listen. I had my hands on my
face like the focus blinders on a race horse, so it was natural to then wave my gills
and make a fish face. Well, one child yelled out, instantly, “FOCUSFISH everyone.
Ms. Kristy is upset and needs our attention.” It became an expression that summer
of 99’ that inspired, not only a marriage and family, but a creative movement and
fitness program, and later a non-profit that is in its 5th year.”

Like most moms I know, Kristy splits her days between family, work and personal time.  After dropping the girls off at school she spends a few hours handling administrative duties for FOCUSfish, then exercise, either in the pool, on the mountain or in the AIR!

She then teaches aerial classes around the community she lives in, nearby under-served communities and with organizations of children with special needs.

Most of her days are filled to the brim, but she rarely loses her smile or the spring in her step.  Her secret to juggling it all without losing her mind is simple —

“Living with stress as if you were stress-free, and being unafraid to be truthful about who you are in the world”

After a busy but fulfilling day, Kristy cooks a family meal, and either reads to her kids or watches a show with the family.  And no matter what she gets 8 to 10 hours of sleep!

What does Kristy say about being Scrumptious?

“Even though I am crazy busy and have my own business, in-house, so the lines definitely get muddy and crossed, I don’t have a problem with a little bit of television, I love having cute polished toes, I need massages to keep moving, family pool time complete with sun on my skin, and a good couch date with my hubby, along with some wine and yummy food, makes me really scrumptious.”

Kristy relishes special time with her girlfriends. She’s just as likely to enjoy a hike in the Topanga Hills near her home, an impromptu African Dance Class or Zumba at a friends house. She and hubby Paul love to invite friends over for a delicious Louisiana-inspired meal.

Kristy’s secret to living the Scrumptious Life ….

“Check-in with your body all day long… how are you sitting now? Are you rolling in on your arches? Is your back curved? Do your organs feel free to perform? Are you taking deep breaths? Does something feel tight? Then SHAKE IT OUT!”

Paul built a rig in the Beauvais backyard and it’s a great place to hang!

I love joining Kristy for a little flying whenever time permits. It is truly a scrumptious experience like no other!

But what I love most about Kristy is her passion for spreading health and happiness to kids and adults of all ages.

She has a gift for working with people with special needs including Autism, Down Syndrome, or Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder.  Through her work with FOCUSfish I have seen her transform the lives of many.

More than exercise, she provides an escape, a source of strength, confidence and boundless joy!

You can read more about Kristy, her family and FOCUSfish here

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