Such A Brave Little Girl! An Ear Piercing Adventure.

As I walked into her bedroom on Saturday morning, Sabrina peered out from under the covers, giggling excitedly “I’m getting my ears pierced today!”

Ah yes, today was the day!

The tradition in my family is for the girls to get their ears pierced when they turn seven years old.  I had my ears pierced at that age and somehow that became the right age for my girls as well.

Sabrina had been anticipating this moment for so long and now that the day was here she was elated.

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We had planned everything carefully — She and I would both go to our aerial fitness class, then on the way home we would get her ears pierced.  Alexandra had thoroughly researched piercers last summer when she decided to have her piercings done so we knew exactly where to go, and the piercing place just happened to be close to where we train on silks and trapeze.

As we approached the piercing place my stomach was getting knotted. The thought of making Sabrina hurt was making me queasy.  I was grateful that Alexandra was with us so she could properly document the event while I held my baby’s hand. She talked to Sabrina about what to expect and told her that if she focused her mind on the right thing she would probably not feel much pain.  We specifically chose a place where piercings are done by hand and not with a gun, as there is a lot less trauma to the ear this way but it does mean that it takes a little more time.

We chose the perfect pair of earrings — simple little white diamonds, just the right size for her precious ears.

Jessy her piercer, explained in detail what she was going to do, and warned Sabrina that it was going to hurt but it was important to stay still.  Sabrina listened carefully and asked a few questions. Then Jessy took me aside and said that once all the tools had been pulled out and sterilized, I would be charged even if Sabrina freaked out and backed out at the last moment. Alexandra looked at me and said “mom she’s not going to freak out, just look at her!”

Sabrina was ready for this big moment and she sat there stoic and proud with a giant grin on her face.   My stomach was doing somersaults…

Jessy told Sabrina that she did not have to look at the needle if she did not want to, but Sabrina looked and asked more questions.  I was awed by her curiosity and lack of apparent discomfort.



Jessy told Sabrina to take a deep breath and then “blow out a candle”…

I expected a tight squeeze on my hand, a little scream or “ouch” and perhaps a tear or two…


My little Sabrina blew me away!  She just laughed when Jessy told her it was done!  She had not even flinched!

The second ear was just as uneventful!


I was amazed by my brave little girl and so was Jessy and the other piercer who had watched!  “I have never seen such a brave little girl”, she said, “I’ve never been as brave myself!!”

She told Sabrina that she was going to put her on her “brave wall”, at which point Sabrina beamed with an even bigger smile. She gave Jessy a giant hug and told her she was the best piercer in the world.

I just goes to show you the power of mindset.  Sabrina was so excited about getting her ears pierced and so determined to be brave that she focused on the fun of the experience and ignored the pain.  Needless to say I am a very proud mommy!

How have your children amazed you?  How do you encourage then to develop the right mindset?


  1. Precious! I have yet to do this with my almost six year old. But, maybe I can refer back to this blog when we decide to make the leap. Cute, Jessy and good job!

    • Good luck when you choose to pierce your little one’s ears. If you can find someone who does hand piercing in your area I strongly recommend it. Not only does it cause less trauma to the ear but I think the gun is scary because it makes a noise when they squeeze it.

  2. Sabrina is so damn cute!!
    I have heard how kids cry during piercing! But I must say, she is really a brave girl!

    • Thank you Tuhin. I can assure you I a a really proud momma… She takes after her 16 year old sister who didn’t flinch when she had her navel pierced last summer… I don’t think I’d do so well. My stomach turns into knots just thinking about piercings!

  3. I have a son and a daughter. In my limited experience, I found that my daughter would be very still and patient when, as a young girl, she was getting a result that she really wanted. Such as a haircut. My boy fussed about it. We didn’t do pierced ears when she was little but I have no doubt she would have reacted just like Sabrina. Girls can be extremely brave.

    • I don’t have boys Beth, so I have not experienced them as a mom but I agree that girls can be extremely brave if they feel it is worth it…My three girls certainly are strong willed and determined when they really want something. A good quality I have to say 🙂

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