Fitness Friday – The Secret to a Highly Effective Workout

Walk into a gym and you are likely to see dozens of High Definition television screens broadcasting a variety of programming to keep everyone in attendance entertained. "Yes!" you might be thinking... "I love having the TV! It keeps me going and keeps my mind off the pain so I can get through this dreaded workout." But here's the problem... Are you happy with the results? Do you feel … [Read more...]

Is Technology Robbing Our Kids of Their Smarts?

The girls have officially been back in school for a week today, though with Labor Day weekend we've been easing back nice and slow and things have been quite manageable so far. With three girls, two of them in High School, we had a full day of meetings last week with teachers and administration to get all the details on what to expect with this current school year.  It should come as no … [Read more...]

No Misery Detox – How to Get Rid of Toxins Without Giving Up Your Life

With the kids back in school and days yours to manage your way, now is the perfect time for a simple and effective detox. Although my family tends to eat rather healthy during the summer months, seeing as we have such an abundance of wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables, summer also means a little more time to cook fancy meals and enjoy a good glass of wine (or two, or three), along with the … [Read more...]

The 7-Day Allergy Makeover – Interview with Dr. Susanne Bennett

My dear friend Dr. Susanne Bennett has just released her brand new book "The 7 day Allergy Makeover" in which she shares a simple 7 step strategy that will have you  enjoying life like never before! Dr. Bennett knows all too well what it is like to live in constant fear for your child.  In her book she shares her personal struggles raising a baby boy whom, over the course of the first 18 months … [Read more...]

Crazy for Cinnamon!

As I walked into the grocery store yesterday, I was greeted by the delicious aroma of cinnamon!  Cinnamon is one of those spices that whisks me back to wonderful moments in my childhood... Whether it's with mom sitting at the kitchen table savoring a wonderful cup of hot cocoa infused with cinnamon, twirling a cinnamon stick in a warm cup of milk before bed time, taking in the delicious aroma … [Read more...]

Could Our Children Be Suffering From Social Jetlag?

When we turned back the clock a few weeks ago, the girls had all sorts of questions: "Who decides when we turn back the clocks?  Why doesn't everyone change time at the same time?  What time is it really?  If we can change time any time what does time mean anyways?  How do we know when we are on the right time? " And on and on the questions went.  All good questions, but I was left wondering … [Read more...]

The Art of Saying “No” – How to safeguard your most precious resource, TIME!

It's hard to believe the girls have been in school for two months already! The crazy chaos of “Back-to-School” is now a thing of the past and my life is mine again... well at least my days, when I can focus on my business and taking care of my personal needs. And one of the things I am particularly proud of this year, is having resisted the temptation to over commit... Yes indeed … [Read more...]

Scrumptious Mom Maggie Baird – October 2013

I met this month's Scrumptious Mom, Maggie Baird, a little more than 10 years ago. She and I were both learning how to fly! Not in the the traditional way, in the cockpit of an airplane,  but with our own wings, hanging from silks or the trapeze. Yes Maggie and I had discovered the magic of aerial fitness! Since then, I've drifted in and out of class, but Maggie stuck to it and last year became … [Read more...]

The Role of Nutrition in Your Child’s Success at School

 The School Year is now in full swing and what an exciting time it is!  It is a time ripe with new opportunities, hope and a little bit of magic...  At the forefront of my mind is making sure that my girls have every opportunity to succeed. For Sabrina, who is entering 1st grade this is a chance to lay a strong foundation that will serve her for her entire academic career! She is eager to learn … [Read more...]

Setting our Kids Up For Success

The new school year is upon us!  This is an exciting and nerve wrecking time for kids and moms alike. At the forefront of my mind is making sure that my girls start the year on the right foot and put in place healthy habits that will help them thrive the whole year through. This is a pivotal year for my oldest daughter Alexandra who is starting eleventh grade.  College is looming right … [Read more...]