Neocell Collagen Sports Ultimate Recovery – Review and Giveaway

When it comes to optimizing the results of our workouts, proper nutrition is essential. Most health and fitness experts recommend we eat a protein rich food within half an hour to two hours of our workout. This helps provide essential nutrients our muscles need to repair the damage caused by exercise.  My food of choice is a protein smoothie. I find I don't have much appetite for a real meal … [Read more...]

Fun with Fall Fashion!

By Matina Spiropoulos  In the past couple of seasons, there have been many bright colours and loud prints that have been in style. They are still in fashion. The colours and prints have been subdued, but only in comparison to some of the previous seasons. This fall, colours are bold and prints are still trending. A dark sombre look is in fashion, with an injection of colour. How bright … [Read more...]

Welcome Scrumptious Moms!

Our mission is to inspire you and empower you to live a deeply fulfilling life with those you cherish the most each and every day. Moms are extraordinary human beings who have an incredible gift for being selfless and truly devoted to their loved ones.  As the nurturer and caregiver, Moms play a unique role in shaping their children’s character and future.  But all too often this comes at a … [Read more...]