There Is Nothing I Cannot Do! A Special afternoon with Jen Bricker

Last Friday I had the pleasure of spending a few splendid hours with my beautiful friend Jen Bricker. We had gathered with a handful of friends for the screening of Eva Longoria's Versus: Romanian Roots. I met Jen when she first moved to Los Angeles six years ago. She and I are kindred spirits and we bonded immediately. She had moved to LA with her aerial partner to pursue new … [Read more...]

They Are Walking All Summer Long in the Name of the Unborn

Last Friday I met an inspirational group of young men and women.  They joined us for the second half of our bi-weekly prayer vigil in front of our local abortion center. As their voices united with ours, a deep peace and profound joy filled my heart. These ten young men and women, most of them college students, were embarking with dozens of other youth from across the United Staes on a twelve … [Read more...]

Nothing is impossible!

One of the things I cherish the most about my five year old Sabrina is her enthusiasm for everything she does. My daughters were out of school last week so my husband decided to take a couple of days off so we could go camping in Joshua Tree.  If you have never been to Joshua Tree National Park it is truly magnificent.  Acres upon acres of beautiful rock formations, deep blue skies and the … [Read more...]