Creamy Herbed Egg Salad

After all the fun of decorating and hunting for Easter eggs has come and gone you find yourself with dozens of hard boiled eggs on your hands... perfect for this delicious egg salad. You can choose your favorite herbs to give it just the right flavor.  My two favorites are tarragon and dill. Creamy Herbe Egg Salad Greek yogurt makes a light and healthy base for this deliciously flavored … [Read more...]

What Do Eggs Have To Do With Easter?

As we were busy dying all sorts of beautiful Easter eggs last night, Sabrina looked up with a puzzled look on her face. "Maman," she asked, "what do eggs have to do with Easter?" Oh how I love when my little one's curiosity sends me on a quest for new information! "I know that for a lot of Christians it has become a symbol of the resurrection," I replied, "but honestly, I'm not sure why? … [Read more...]

Gorgeous DYI All Natural Dyes For Your Easter Eggs

What child does not like to color Easter eggs?  It's a fun way to spend some quality time together and build up the anticipation for this very special day. But have you ever noticed that when you peel a vibrantly colored hard boiled egg, the egg white itself is as colorful as the shell was? Egg shells are porous and whatever gets onto the shell will make it's way onto the egg itself. With … [Read more...]