Gentle Care for Urinary Tract Infections

"Mom, my stomach is killing me and I feel like I need to pee all-the-time! I think I have a urinary tract infection... " Judging by the pained expression on my daughter's face I suspected she was right and drove her to our urgent care clinic. The attending physician confirmed her suspicions and gave her an antibiotic along with instructions to take some over the counter pain killers if … [Read more...]

Essential Oils, Do They Really Work?

There's a lot of excitement around essential oils these days and with excitement comes a lot of questions. Lately, the question I hear more often than not is "Do essential oils really work?" People who know me well and know that I have been using essential oils for years would probably expect me to answer this simple question with a resounding "YES!!!" but I tend to answer with a more … [Read more...]

Natural Pain Relief for Sprains with Essential Oils

It was bound to happen sooner or later.... Again! As I was twisting and turning on silks, learning new gravity defying tricks, I sprained my ankle. That rush of excruciating pain that makes your stomach turn told me instantly I'd be grounded for quite some time. Sprains are painful, very painful. And they need a lot of time to fully heal. One thing I have learned after far too many … [Read more...]