So Much More Than a Cup of Coffee

It never ceases to amaze me, how a simple, seemingly insignificant gesture can  have such a tremendous impact... I was reminded of this just a couple of weeks ago. It was a Wednesday. I had finally made it to morning Mass, something I've been wanting to do since the beginning of Lent. After Mass I snuck into our Adoration chapel for a little one-on-one time with Jesus, something I absolutely … [Read more...]

Helping our Teens Hunger for God

"Bored with God" Review and Giveaway "Do I really have to go to Church?  I mean I love God and all but church is soooo boring, it puts me to sleep." My heart ached as I heard those words,  but I could relate... I was a teen once.  And though I loved God and would never turn my back on Him, there were plenty of exiting things vying for my attention in those days -- movies, music, boys... … [Read more...]

Biblical Heroes for our Little Girls

Bible Belles Review and Giveaway One of my favorite times of day is just before bedtime, when I cuddle up with my little one and we read a faith inspired story and a passage from the Bible before saying bedtime prayers.  The Gift of Faith is one of the greatest gifts we can share with our children.  We share in the way we live our lives, through scripture and daily prayer, and through … [Read more...]

Closing Out 2015 with Strength and Gratitude

Here it is... The last day of the year... A day that makes so many of us gasp as we realize how quickly it has arrived... And yet I greet this day with profound gratitude.     … [Read more...]

There Is Nothing I Cannot Do! A Special afternoon with Jen Bricker

Last Friday I had the pleasure of spending a few splendid hours with my beautiful friend Jen Bricker. We had gathered with a handful of friends for the screening of Eva Longoria's Versus: Romanian Roots. I met Jen when she first moved to Los Angeles six years ago. She and I are kindred spirits and we bonded immediately. She had moved to LA with her aerial partner to pursue new … [Read more...]

Touched by a Miracle

It never ceases to amaze how God orchestrates events in our lives and the people we meet to be just what we need at just the right time... These past few months have been the most challenging months of my life and extremely trying for our family. I've been shaken to the core, have cried oceans of tears, and found myself more than once asking "How could this be?" Time and again I've … [Read more...]

#BEMORE – 77 Secrets to Your Powerful Life – Book Review and Giveaway

Have you ever had that feeling that somehow you're not quite living up to your full potential? That you are destined for something more.... MUCH more? You wake up in the morning and feel that something is missing. You know deep in your heart that you were destined to do something great but somehow you're not sure what or how? You find yourself Wanting .... Wishing ... Dreaming … [Read more...]

Miracles in Action – A Story of Love, Faith and Forgiveness

As I sat down to answer a few emails before the start of our next session, I could not help but notice the stunning woman sitting just a few feet away. She had the most beautiful deep chocolate skin, Shirley Temple curls that framed and angelic face and big brown eyes that sparkled with so much life... So much joy! We were attending "Move People To Action", a four day conference for public … [Read more...]

Marcus Luttrell – Honoring One of Our Many Heroes on this Independence Day!

In july 2010 I had the honor and privilege of meeting a true American hero, Marcus Luttrell, the Lone Survivor. He was the keynote speaker for the opening ceremony of a martial arts conference I was attending. As I listened to him speak and share the events that led to the death of his three Navy SEAL team mates during Operation Red Wings in June 2005, I found myself thinking repeatedly "He's … [Read more...]

What Do Eggs Have To Do With Easter?

As we were busy dying all sorts of beautiful Easter eggs last night, Sabrina looked up with a puzzled look on her face. "Maman," she asked, "what do eggs have to do with Easter?" Oh how I love when my little one's curiosity sends me on a quest for new information! "I know that for a lot of Christians it has become a symbol of the resurrection," I replied, "but honestly, I'm not sure why? … [Read more...]