Breast Cancer, My Story by Christine Suarez

When a mother becomes ill with breast cancer, her entire family is impacted.  Her fight becomes the fight of her loved ones, her pain, their pain. Some feel that pain more than others... and the scars that are left behind, even when the battle is won, run deep. Scars that leave a permanent imprint physically, emotionally and psychologically. Today it is my honor to share with you the story … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday – Make It A Family Affair!

A fit family is a healthy family.... A healthy family is a happy family... And what better way to spend a sunny afternoon than engaged in a fit family activity! The possibilities are truly endless and every family can find something that suits them. But just in case you need a little help, here are some fun ways to turn a casual family outing into a fun workout the whole family will … [Read more...]

A Home Filled with Music and Laughter…

As the setting sun turned the sky to a glorious gold, squeals of laughter filled the air... After months of waiting the girls were finally reunited... The next ten days will probably whiz by at dizzying speed but for a moment time was suspended. When our second daughter embarked on a ten day journey to Taiwan last year, we had no idea of the beautiful friendship that would blossom … [Read more...]

The Magic of the Outdoors! Celebrating #OurLand

One of the things that instantly connected Cris and I when we first met was our mutual love for the outdoors. So when MomDot Media invited me to participate in a campaign to share the work of The Trust For Public Land I was elated! Before the girls came along Cris and I spent every weekend outdoors.  We discovered scuba diving together and made our way from one class to another until we … [Read more...]

How to Make a Family Resolution

Can you believe we are already one week into the new year? It never ceases to amaze me how quickly time passes. And as the girls get older it seems to keep passing by faster and faster. I want to hold on to time... Hold on to precious moments... Hold on to my family as I know and love it... Yet as I was busy writing out my New Year's resolution last week, I realized that in just 18 months … [Read more...]

Fabulous SBYKE Giveaway! Perfect for Christmas – Winner FamilyFun Magazine

When it comes to presents for my girls I am always on the lookout for healthy options that mirror our priorities as a family. As you know, staying fit and healthy are at the top of my list and that is why I am thrilled to be bringing you this Fabulous SBYKE Giveaway! Welcome to the Sbyke P20 Scooter Giveaway! Winner of FamilyFun Magazines 2013 Boredom Busters Award The Sbyke giveaway is … [Read more...]

The Magic of Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve 1970. I’m 8 years old. It’s a cool and delicious night in Paris. We’ve just come home from midnight mass. The fire crackles in the fire place. The tree sparkles with hundreds of lights. The stockings are hung and awaiting Santa’s coming. The smell of Mom's hot cocoa tickles my nose. My favorite Christmas carol "Away in a Manger" is playing. This song has a way of wrapping … [Read more...]