Quinoa Salad with Black Kale and Pomegranate Seeds

You are going to LOVE this superfoods rich salad. With black kale, red organic grapes, pomegranate seeds, avocado,  pumpkin seeds and quinoa, this salad is packed with nutrients and rich in flavor and texture. The grapefruit basil dressing beautifully highlights the complex flavor profile of this salad. This salad is a complete and balanced meal, with a fair amount of protein, perfect as a vegan … [Read more...]

Medley of Mushrooms Soup

There is something about mushrooms that feels so rich and decadent.. I  am always looking for creative ways to prepare them for my family.  With the recent drop in temperature I was craving a hot bowl of soup.  So I created this delicious medley of mushroom soup.  It is simple to make but rich in flavor and aroma and instantly became a family favorite! Bon appétit! Medley of Mushrooms … [Read more...]

A Special Book Signing for the Freshman 15 Survival Guide

Saturday October 18th was a magical day... It was my very first book signing event! On a glorious afternoon I joined forty inspirational women and their daughters for a lovely luncheon hosted by my beautiful friend Taline Saad. Taline is a spectacular woman and a truly scrumptious mom who always blesses those around her with her beautiful smile and generous soul and this event was no … [Read more...]

Could Our Children Be Suffering From Social Jetlag?

When we turned back the clock a few weeks ago, the girls had all sorts of questions: "Who decides when we turn back the clocks?  Why doesn't everyone change time at the same time?  What time is it really?  If we can change time any time what does time mean anyways?  How do we know when we are on the right time? " And on and on the questions went.  All good questions, but I was left wondering … [Read more...]

7 Strategies to get your much deserved “Me” Time

One of the tings I look forward to every day is my late afternoon walk with my dog.  It's my time to completely disconnect from work and refill my cup so that I may be fully available to my girls when they come home from school. These days I've had the added benefit of enjoying some truly spectacular sunsets! But let's be honest, taking some "me" time every day is not something we moms are … [Read more...]

Fabulous SBYKE Giveaway! Perfect for Christmas – Winner FamilyFun Magazine

When it comes to presents for my girls I am always on the lookout for healthy options that mirror our priorities as a family. As you know, staying fit and healthy are at the top of my list and that is why I am thrilled to be bringing you this Fabulous SBYKE Giveaway! Welcome to the Sbyke P20 Scooter Giveaway! Winner of FamilyFun Magazines 2013 Boredom Busters Award The Sbyke giveaway is … [Read more...]

5 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Halloween

Halloween is not exactly my favorite holiday.  I'm someone who loves to celebrate life so the heavy emphasis on gore and creepy creatures is not exactly my cup of tea.  And let's face it,  being the "health freak" that I am, (as my daughters lovingly call me) I could also do without the abundance of sugary treats and junk food. Long gone are the days of home made goodies. But I know this is a … [Read more...]

5 Fun and Simple Ways to Get Your Kids to Drink Their Water

I LOVE drinking water! It truly is my favorite drink in the world. Ok champagne and red wine come in a close second and third but... I'm not sure I'd be much good to anyone if  I sipped those all day the way I do water.  All silliness aside, I love the crisp clean taste of water and it leaves me feeling refreshed and energized. I believe this has a lot to do with the fact that I was raised on … [Read more...]

The Art of Saying “No” – How to safeguard your most precious resource, TIME!

It's hard to believe the girls have been in school for two months already! The crazy chaos of “Back-to-School” is now a thing of the past and my life is mine again... well at least my days, when I can focus on my business and taking care of my personal needs. And one of the things I am particularly proud of this year, is having resisted the temptation to over commit... Yes indeed … [Read more...]

The Truth About GMO’s — Exclusive Interview with OCA Associate Media Director Zack Kaldveer

GMO's are everywhere!  And Moms don't want them there. Although the United States labels genetically modified foods we produced here that are exported to 64 countries where labeling is mandatory, we do not impose labeling within the US.  That's right, US citizens are consuming thousands of products that contain Genetically Modified or Genetically Engineered ingredients without even realizing … [Read more...]