Fitness Friday – 7 Moves for Sexy Sculpted Legs

I love beautiful sculpted legs! Legs that are strong with gorgeous definition. I find muscle to be super sexy and feminine. Whether in shorts, a fabulous dress or comfy leggings, our legs get a lot of attention and deserve our tender loving care. The following exercises are simple and can be done by any one, any where, any time.  You don't need any special equipment to get beautiful … [Read more...]

Make it a Fit Summer with #SweatPink and #1MillionMinutes!

I'm so excited to be jumping into #1MillionMinutes of fitness challenge with the SweatPink Community! The past few months have been grueling for our family. Since that first 911 call on January 23rd, sleep deprivation and stress have been my two most loyal companions.  Not the best of friends to have around when you want to stick to healthy resolutions...  With those two hanging around … [Read more...]