Creating Balance for Health and Happiness

Balance. That elusive state of being we all crave so desperately yet find so hard to achieve. What I've come to understand is that balance is not something that can be found.  It is something we must actively create. Balance is ever changing. What felt right one day may feel completely off balance the next. To enjoy a balanced life we must learn to be fluid yet purposeful. One of the keys to … [Read more...]

Sweating it Out with Gabby Reece and HIGHX

When it comes to fitness Gabby Reece believes that the best kind of workout should be fun as well as challenging and it should be adaptable to each individual's specific needs.  The perfect fitness program is one that can be done by anyone, regardless of age or ability.  That is my belief as well so I was eager to discover her signature workout, HIGHX. HIGHX os a bootcamp like circuit workout … [Read more...]

How I Became a Licensed Zumba Instructor

Okay you Zumba fans, I get it!!! Up until last Wednesday I had only taken two or three Zumba classes, and though I had a blast, I didn't become a Zumba fanatic as so many of my friends have... Taking class... After class... After class... If a friend invited me to join her and the class was at a convenient time at a convenient location, I was happy to tag along, but I did not … [Read more...]

Make it a Fit Summer with #SweatPink and #1MillionMinutes!

I'm so excited to be jumping into #1MillionMinutes of fitness challenge with the SweatPink Community! The past few months have been grueling for our family. Since that first 911 call on January 23rd, sleep deprivation and stress have been my two most loyal companions.  Not the best of friends to have around when you want to stick to healthy resolutions...  With those two hanging around … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday How To Minimize Post Workout Pain

Nothing can dampen your enthusiasm for working out faster than excessive pain in the days that follow. A deep but bearable burn in the muscles you've been using is to be expected but srong pain that does not go away and gets in the way for your regular daily activity is NOT! Here are simple ways you can push hard during your workouts without suffering dire consequences: Hydrate, hydrate, … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday – Make It A Family Affair!

A fit family is a healthy family.... A healthy family is a happy family... And what better way to spend a sunny afternoon than engaged in a fit family activity! The possibilities are truly endless and every family can find something that suits them. But just in case you need a little help, here are some fun ways to turn a casual family outing into a fun workout the whole family will … [Read more...]

Fitness Friday – Nutrition for Optimal Recovery

Welcome to another Fitness Friday! Today rather than share a fun workout with you I want to focus on a critical aspect of fitness training  and overall health -- Recovery.  More specifically I want to address post workout nutrition and the role it plays in optimal recovery. When we engage in intense physical activity, as you would during a BURST or HIIT workout for example, we cause a lot of micro … [Read more...]

30 Day Plank Challenge Day 20 – Mixing it Up and Having Fun!

Woohoo! It's my favorite day of the week! Today you get to customize your workout however you please. What will you start with?  A basic plank or those killer side plank dips? I tend to go with the one I like the least first so I can get it out of the way and end on my favorite. Do you have a favorite yet? Tomorrow we take another day off so NO holding back! Give it your all and get … [Read more...]

30 Day Plank Challenge Day 14 – Enjoy the Rest!

Woohoo it's another rest day and I know I'm happy about it! By now you should be feeling much stronger than on day 1 ad starting to see some nice definition in your core. Remember these rest days are crucial for the transformation we are looking for so even if you are feeling good don't do planks today! Go ahead and enjoy your regular fitness activities and if you didn't have anything … [Read more...]

30 Day Plank Challenge Day 12 – Side Plank Dips

Oh yes it;s side plank dips today, my favorite! Not really but these are so good for your obliques and your core in general and if you can maintain good form and a good pace they give you a little cardio as well. Do eight sets with a 30 second hold followed by 10 seconds of rest and you will be feeling that nice soreness that lets you know you've had a good workout. Follow up with your … [Read more...]