A Special Book Signing for the Freshman 15 Survival Guide

Saturday October 18th was a magical day... It was my very first book signing event! On a glorious afternoon I joined forty inspirational women and their daughters for a lovely luncheon hosted by my beautiful friend Taline Saad. Taline is a spectacular woman and a truly scrumptious mom who always blesses those around her with her beautiful smile and generous soul and this event was no … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Your Kids Fall Prey To The Freshman 15!

For the past few years I have seen way too many of my friends' children return from their first year in college a lot heavier than when they left. And though they joke about it's clear there is absolutely nothing funny about it to them. In fact,  most of them feel embarrassed, even depressed about it because they left home confident it would never happen to them. The statistic suggest that 1 … [Read more...]