Mouthwatering Garlic and Mushroom Turkey Meatballs

  My eight year old loves meatballs. She loves them drenched in marinara sauce over spaghetti squash... She loves them served with sautéed spinach or kale... Yes I know I am eternally blessed to have an eight year old who loves spinach and kale :-) She loves them as finger foods she can gobble down as an after school snack... And she loves to help me make them, especially mixing up all the … [Read more...]

Garlic and Basil Cod

Cod is one of my favorite fish due to it's delicate flavor and wonderful texture.  This is a  delicious dish on a warm summer evening, accompanied with sautéed spinach, kale or zucchini and a simple green salad. Serves 4 Preparation: 10 minutes Cooking: 15 minutes Ingredients: 4 steak fresh cod 10 cloves garlic. minced 1/4 cup fresh basil leaves, chopped 1/4 extra virgin … [Read more...]